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  1. Old fart
    Old fart at |

    Yep. I’m living in Portugal and it’s true that people here eat that god-forsaken creature called the lamprey. I loved the list but I can assure you that lamprey is not delicious. In fact, when I first tasted it I thougt I was going to throw up a bit, and I was extremely hungry when I was offered that dish so my food standards were very low at the time. So how does it taste like? Well, imagine eating a bit of dirt mixed with bleach and water that was just used to clean a toilet. That’s pretty much it.
    About all other animlas on the list, I haven’t eaten any of them. But nice list!

  2. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    Ew, Jason. Just….ew.

  3. Jimbo
    Jimbo at |

    I was surprised oysters were not here. I love them nasty looking things.

  4. Zach Gillette
    Zach Gillette at |

    Xochimilco is a restaurant where I live (Springfield IL).

  5. Jay
    Jay at |

    You forgot Banacles.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Did you mean barnacles?

  6. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    When I was in the US NAVY, I was stationed in New Jersey and we were ported right on New York Harbor. Believe it or not (though I have seen pictures of them), I encountered a Horseshoe crab and thought it was something out of “The Twilight Zone”. I practically ran for the hills a my buddies were laughing at me. Are horseshoe crabs considered edible and would someone know ?

  7. Liam
    Liam at |

    What kind of a sick *bleep* would eat a hyena? Cruel human scum…

  8. Jay
    Jay at |

    Not edible or especially ugly, but I remember freaking out the first time I saw a pelican. I didn’t know what one was at the time and it was about my size.

  9. Enzo
    Enzo at |

    I’m from North-Western Spain, and we regularly eat monkfish (called rape or peixesapo–meaning toadfish). Lamprey is also known, but not so common. Both are delicious. Try them if you have the chance.

    And barnacles, or “percebes”, are one of the finest meals coming out from the sea.

  10. ShatteredDoll
    ShatteredDoll at |

    I have had orange roughy before and it was beyond good. I had no idea what it looked like or the history of it until I read this list.

  11. Sara S.
    Sara S. at |

    That Monkfish is like something out of my nightmares. No, thank you. Ick…

    Excellent article though. I really enjoyed reading it Jason.

  12. Bullmp3
    Bullmp3 at |

    First one is SO ugly Nah

  13. GirlHere
    GirlHere at |

    Am I the only one who thought the author sounded like an a-hole at the end of the vulture entry? I know he was trying to be funny but he came off a bit condescending in my opinion. Also, the only thing on here that seems too ugly to eat is the monkfish, but its ugliness makes me curious. I might try it one day.

  14. Rumtopf
    Rumtopf at |

    Wild axolotls are actually black or brown, though. I get you want to gross people out with “omg pink because fetus” but that’s some shoddy research xD. We only have pink/white ones thanks to artificially selecting pet animals for leucism. I like the pied ones myself.


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