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  • anon

    You should’ve added that Gamespot’s anf Gamefaqs’ community (they’re the same, a thread, topic etc. shows up on both sites) is really bad, there’re some normal people out there and ever great people, but the majority of them is really stupid? Don’t believe me? I’ve been long enough on gamefaqs, I’ve been there long enougg and I can even edit topics or delete comments, something which takes a long time before you can achieve such things.

  • stephwoo286

    IGN? What, so you have a low-tide mark to measure every other site’s output by? Right?


    how aboyut gamwienners

  • foohy

    I can’t believe IGN made the list! That’s like putting Fox News in the top ten news channels.

    • Roasted Zombies

      First of all, how is IGN, IN ANY WAY, related to Fox News????? Second of all, Fox News is the most veiwed news network so how does that even make sense???!!!!!!

      • foohy

        It’s called an analogy. The comparison being that Fox and IGN are both news organizations who will do whatever it takes to get views because views means advertising revenue. For Fox that means scaring everybody to death about epidemics and wars then telling them to stay tuned for further into. For IGN it means giving great reviews to popular games whether they deserve them or not.

        Yes, Fox news is the second most viewed news network in the world. So I guess depending on what the author meant by “TOP”, it may well deserve to be here. I assumed he/she meant top in regards to quality. After all, what would be the point in a most-viewed top ten? That’s what Alexa Rankings are for.

  • Sean

    I was gonna rage if GameFAQs wasn’t on here.

  • J

    Good list, but I agree with the first reply…there are quite a handful of ignorant people on Gamefaqs -_________-…

  • SL

    This top was kinda disappointing, just a big ad about gaming websites. I mean, come on, some serious weak points could have been said about many of them since, apparently, all websites besides kotaku are perfect. For example, the escapist, if not for Yahtzee, would be total crap. Metacritic also deserves a higher place, above ign, reddit and kotaku. Reviewer bribery would have been a worthy topic on some too.

  • Jeff Gerstmann, Alex Navarro, Ryan Davis, & Brad Shoemaker made Gamespot worth visiting for me. When GS fired Gerstmann for his negative review of Kane & Lynch, they showed their hand at bowing to their advertisers and censorship of honest reviews. I haven’t trusted GS to give me honest advice since, and they should not be in this top 10 IMO.

  • greethan


  • aersixb9

    I’ve used cheats before, mostly when my save game is missing to jump to where i was, or perhaps to rampage with a tank vs. the police….

    the designers and makers make it a way, and then people hack and cheat and never play

    perhaps it is the american flaw in the way, to focus upon the numbers to the explosiojn of the gameplay

  • GameFAQs works for me like charm. It gives me an idea of the games related to what I’m playing and at the same time gives me walkthroughs on some games!

  • Game Addax

    I am surprised that was only number 5. Otherwise this is a good list.

    • Roasted Zombies

      Yea, they are the biggest game leak site in the USA!

  • nicholas lund


  • [email protected] Games

    Love your listing. My favorite game site is PC Gamer. I agree with you that this site is the king when it comes to PC gaming.

  • Any list with bought off sites like IGN, sensationalist sites like Kotaku or generally low quality sites like /r/gaming isn’t one that deserves any attention.

    Show me Screwattack, Pikigeek or Rock Paper Shotgun and maybe I’d consider it a good list.

    The only semi-good sites listed here are The Escapist and PC Gamer.

  • Roasted Zombies

    IGN is my favorite, and I am in top 100 most active users.

  • rotten_angel

    well i’m glad g4 didn’t make the list so overall i’m satisfied with this list