Top 10 Funny Live Demos That Went Awry


A live demo that fails is a personal level of hell that no one wants to experience, ever. Whether it’s your product locking up during a live newscast, or perhaps a shopping channel demonstration, or even a major corporate event, it’s something that can lead to an enormous amount of embarrassment…and a good amount of hilarity for bystanders. And thanks to the power of the internet, they will be forever immortalized.

10. CES 2010: the Unbreakable Phone

We begin this countdown with the most recent failed demo involving an unbreakable phone and a tank full of water. What could possibly happen?

9. Wii Sports on HSN

Sure, attaching an unofficial piece of plastic to your Wii Remote while swinging it at high velocity towards your HDTV might sound like a bad idea, but…well, ok, that’s actually a horrible idea. But leave it to the pros at HSN to show you how to do it properly!

8. The Honda ASIMO Robot

The major selling point of this technological marvel is the robot’s ability to simulate muscle-like tendencies that us humans take for granted, allowing it to traverse terrain on just two feet. Just watch as ASIMO climbs the stairs in front of a huge audience at a press conference.

7. Windows 98 Plug and Play Demonstration

How great is Windows 98? Watch as this OS installs the necessary drivers automatically with the input of a USB device! I can’t think of a single thing that will go wrong with this.

6. Katana Durability on the Shop at Home Network

These stainless steel katanas will slice anything in their path! And the durability on these things are quite incredible, as the attached lifetime warranty will prove unnecessary to have.

5. Voice Recognition Software Demonstration

Theoretically, the one thing that could go wrong in a voice recognition demo should not happen, because people have spent hours and hours and hours making this software perform near-flawlessly. Right?

4. Bump Key Demo on the News

It’s called a “bump key,” a dangerous product that allows criminals to break into your home easily. So easy, in fact, that this reporter will demonstrate it for us live. I mean, it has to be easy, otherwise what would be the point in making the news report in the first place? That’s probably what the journalist was asking himself as seconds turn to minutes in this painful demo.

3. Teleprompter on the Shop at Home Network

Teleprompters can be notorious for failing at exactly the wrong moment. That’s not quite what happens here, as the guy manages to follow the prompter to the very bitter end.

2. E3 Activision Press Conference

Sometimes it’s not the product that fails at all, but rather the person giving it. In this E3 Activision Press Conference that showcases the latest new games coming to video game consoles in 2007, host Jamie Kennedy manages to be so inept that the audience actually starts to heckle him.

1. QVC Vacuum Demonstration

And now for the longest video on this list, a ten minute vacuum demonstration that’s showcases just about every single thing that could go wrong. Complete with a co-host that is enjoying every single minute of it.

by David Galindo

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  1. The Wii video did make me chuckle! And love the way they run across with a screen in the Honda vid, like the robot just died!

  2. omg, has any one noticed on the vaccum one, if u listen real hard into the speaker, [the opposite one to the vaccum talking..] you can here something else, if im right, its a recording of “Neighbours”
    a tv soapie in aus haha wth…