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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    Nice List , thanks for the effort ..
    But regarding #1 Kim Jong-Il , ok he was a crazy Big-Headed idiot, but i dont think #1 fits him.
    (Just an Opinion).
    Thanks ..

  2. Avid-Lister
    Avid-Lister at |

    Awesome job Karl!!
    Never heard of no 10 – but thoroughly enjoyed your work 🙂

  3. JB
    JB at |

    If you think Beria is bad, you should check out Uday Hussein. Same thing: he’d drive around Iraq in a car and his men would seize whichever girl he liked (sometimes several a day). He’d bring them back to the palace and rape them. If they resisted he’d torture them with knives, turn dogs on them or have his bodyguard brutally gangrape and beat them. Many women wound up killed or dying from their injuries. A defector once described how he took a beauty pageant winner into a small room with a knife and, when he was finished, all that was left was a pile of bloody meat on the floor.

    Uday was one of the biggest monsters I’ve ever read about.

  4. Repack Rider
    Repack Rider at |

    It’s free REIN. Not “reign.”

    Kids these days…

  5. THATguy
    THATguy at |

    Is it me, or is it an amazing coincedence that Christian VII has the most slappable face you can imagine?

  6. CalliePon3
    CalliePon3 at |

    Hitler should defiantly be in there somewhere.


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