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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    Wow, I had one of those VWs and a Ranchero, both at the same time!

    Cool list.

  2. tasmanian devil
    tasmanian devil at |

    A testament to the half-wits who work in the american automotive industry.

  3. Man
    Man at |

    8.6 million vehicles is a lot of vehicles to be recalled

  4. Jason
    Jason at |

    what about the early 90’s Firestone tires on Ford Explorers that would fall apart? wasn’t that a massive recall?

    1. SimRobert2001
      SimRobert2001 at |

      FIrestone TIRES were recalled, but the vehicles were fine. You just can’t change tires without bringing in the car itself.

    2. TexSizzle
      TexSizzle at |

      The tires were safe if inflated to the tire manufacturer’s specification, but not if under-inflated to the car manufacturer’s specification.

  5. Byron
    Byron at |

    It seems like Ford and General Motors showed up on this list a lot.

    1. Rob
      Rob at |

      Ford and GM sell many cars.


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