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  • Anonymous

    Are these real dolls? Or April Fools Dolls?

    • That would require some massive photoshopping on all of them. They're all real.

  • Ashley

    They are all real dolls/action figures that you can buy. Some of the older ones aren't available in stores I'd imagine (Vanilla Ice/Mr. T) but eBay does wonders.

    There's plenty of online stores that sell these.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Sarah

    well, I know the Freud doll is real because one of my psych professors in college had one on display in his office.

  • mikan36

    I bought a Jesus Action Figurine as a joke-gift for a friend from a local store – it was created by the same company that did the Freud & Marie Antoinette dolls so they also had those in the store as well.

    Loved the COME OUT OF THE CLOSET WITH GAY BOB doll the most, though. haha

  • Jima

    I saw about half of these at Archie McPhee, FYI.

  • Battle royal between Mr. T, MC Hammer, Adolf Hitler, and Gay Bob. Who would win?

  • Alisha

    Anyone notice Vanilla Ice is giving the "shocker" hand signal on the box? If you dont know what it is, its a sexual reference. I wonder if he even knows what it means. Wonder how that went down at the time.

  • Mike

    I do believe the gay doll was also anatomically correct.

  • OMG…Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer! Heck, I thought the Palin and Hitler action figures were bad…this entire list is hilarious!!!

  • Jess

    OCD doll is amusing

  • Equalizer

    Gay Bob Doll = LOL

  • Ike

    How did you miss the Brent Musburger Action Figure?

    I bought one for my brother.

  • Though some seem to think he is actually a superhero, I was amazed that the Seth Godin action figure was not on this list:

    With built-in Brand-O-Matic® and Purple Power®! At least all the proceeds go to charity.

  • Hey, you forgot the Stallone Over the Top doll, complete with massive movable forearm for all his arm-wrestllng needs!

  • Interceptor

    I should really mention 'Stinkor' the He-Man figure that acvtually stank! Beats a kung-fu grip hands down I say!

  • Star Wars Fan

    Actually, the pregnant padme figure is a bad custom job made by some random fan. It is not a mass produced piece or official product or anything of the sort.

  • michaela

    omg im in love with the gay bob doll thats sooo funny

  • Paradox

    Where’s the librarian action figure with “amazing push-button shushing action”? My local library has one still in the box on display near the front desk. Here’s a picture of it I found on Google Images:

  • V4Vendetta14

    You missed the most exciting toy I have ever seen. The Monolith from 2001.

    # Properly proportioned to those in the movies 2001 and 2010
    # Zero (0) points of articulation
    # May cause strange magnetic fields, action figure evolution

  • MortDiAmour

    I soooooo want the Hitler doll! He is cutes lol (:

    • MattyDerpyFox

      Want toooooo!!!!!!! :3 he is relly cute XD

  • Aprille-Mai -Joone

    Marie Antoinette doll is cool Lol haha

  • tiktok

    You think a four-year-old isn’t aware of the existence of pregnant women? Really?

  • Jeremy

    There was an ad telling me to “pursue my passion” right between the header and photograph of the Gay Bob entry. WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING EBAY???

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    I clicked on the link OCD action in the OCD action figurine post which brought me to a website called OCD action but it was too disorganised. I should probabably call OCD action to tell them. Do you think I should call OCD action to tell them? Yes! I think I should call OCD action to tell them to straighten up their OCD action website. Or else I might get in an accident today.