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  1. Dennis
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    Hawking should win the All-Time A-Hole award.

    1. nogod
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    2. The Riddler
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      Of all people, you choose to insult Stephen Hawking? Wow.

    3. Johnny
      Johnny at |

      Probably because Dennis thinks anybody smarter than him is an A-hole. Dennis thinks LOTS of people are A-holes.

    4. Wally Beamish
      Wally Beamish at |

      I knew a horse called Dennis. Didn’t kow he could type.

  2. Terry Bigham
    Terry Bigham at |

    Brtish author A.E.W.Mason (‘The Four Feathers”) also refused a knighthood because he said such honors were meaningless to a single man without offspring such as him.

  3. Online business news
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    Famous poet and Nobel winner Rabindra Nath Tagore also refused Knighthood as a protest of British misrule in India

  4. Gwen Cohen
    Gwen Cohen at |

    Great subject. Surprised that Redgrave is only woman to decline.

  5. Athina
    Athina at |

    suprised hitchock isnt here!

  6. Henry Clarson
    Henry Clarson at |

    Jock Stein, the manager of the Celtic team which was the first British club to win the European cup in 1967, also declined the knighthood which was offered to him in honour of the achievement.
    Sir Alf Ramsay and Sir Matt Busby were knighted at around that time for comparable achievements in the 1966 World Cup and in the 1968 European Cup, respectively.
    However, Stein’s public position was that any honour belonged to the club as a whole and that the chairman, Robert Kelly, should receive the recognition for Celtic’s achievement.
    Kelly was subsequently knighted.
    Jock Stein accepted a C.B.E some years later.

    1. Hugh
      Hugh at |

      Jock Stein was never offered a knighthood.

  7. Dirk Birkin
    Dirk Birkin at |

    Paul Dirac won the Nobel Prize in Physics, not the Nobel Peace prize.

  8. Will
    Will at |

    The knighthood rejected by Huxley was “Knight Bachelor,” not “Bachelor Knight.” There’s no such thing as “Bachelor Knight” — except, of course, for a knight who happens to be a bachelor.

    Contrary to the entry for E.M. Forster, the Order of Merit is not a lesser honor than knighthood. It is both more selective (fewer awarded) and high-ranking (in the official order of precedence) than most of the orders of knighthood.

  9. John Knight
    John Knight at |

    Dirac is not the youngest ever Nobel prize winner in physics. That honour belongs to the Australian Lawrence Bragg. He was 25 when he shared the prize with his father in 1915.

    1. Clive Silas
      Clive Silas at |

      Appropriate name for a contributor to this! I was going to say the same, but I didn’t even know the Braggs were Australian.


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