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  1. jill
    jill at |

    I love the Ravenswood, I buy it all the time their cab is also good!

  2. Gary Vaynerchuk
    Gary Vaynerchuk at |

    Nice thoughts and good effort George! Would have loved to see some wines from Rhone and Portugal and a few more outside the box wines! Stay well!

  3. George Perry
    George Perry at |

    Evil is an honorable mention because it's hard to find – I've only received it as a gift and haven't managed to find it in any store near me. Hard to recommend a wine that even I can't find.

  4. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    what about Charles Shaw (two buck chuck) Cabernet Sauvignon?

  5. Scott
    Scott at |

    …hmmm unless this is a list of cheap wines from trader joe's, there are many, many better wines to choose from.

    quattro mani (italy) – $9.99

    la vieille ferme (france) – $6.99

    pinot evil (france) – $5.99

    those are all waaaaayyyyy better than ravenswood and yellow tail. just to name a few…

  6. Trevor C
    Trevor C at |

    Excellent list! I've always wanted to give Voga a try. A couple wines on my list: Barton & Guestier have two of my personal favorites for a sweet (often dessert) wine, Barton & Guestier's Vouvray and Beaujolais Gold Label. Each under (or at) $10! I'm also a fan of Hess Select Cabernet, however it is just over the $10 budget mark.

  7. jeff
    jeff at |

    There is plenty of great wine for under $10 and you're picking the commercial wine? "Let the pinot grigio open up for an hour?"

  8. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Cellar Number 8 has a Cabernet, a Melot, and a Zin each for 9.99. A great bottle of wine!

  9. Jess
    Jess at |

    the crappy thing is that state by state the wine prices will differ. although i won't deny that many of these are swell and cheap not all are under ten depending on where you are. i am assuming that these are bulk buy prices? i've never seen voga below ten in pennsylvania, even on sale.

  10. Lorenzo
    Lorenzo at |

    i must agree with Scott on May 30th, 2008 11:52 pm, if you have any basic knowledge about wine you can find even better and cheaper wines.

    a suggestion, in many cases wine cost is influenced by cost of transportation and bottling, if you are really looking to get cheap and good wine the best way is to go directly to the producer, each one of them usually has a couple of different varieties, ask to sample them and buy a minimum of 6 bottles at a time, sometime if you go with friends and buy more you can even get a good discount.

    if you live in the states you probably never heard of how many different wine grapes there are, i only see here the most world wide famous, these are the most known but there are many other species that offer beautiful wines.

    oh and just an observation about n°7 Bell’agio Chianti, take it from an italian, chianti and Bellagio (yes it's a whole word) have nothing to do with each other making me think they are only putting together two famous Italian names to suggest better quality, i would be careful there…

  11. Hinks Binks
    Hinks Binks at |

    "unless this is a list of cheap wines from trader joe’s, there are many, many better wines to choose from.

    quattro mani (italy) – $9.99

    la vieille ferme (france) – $6.99

    pinot evil (france) – $5.99 "

    Why are these wines better? Having a pretentious name and being from Europe doesn't automatically make a wine better. These wines (which I've only had in passing) have a certain stale European stench. If you like things that smell like trash, maybe the wines you mentioned are better, but I doubt it.

  12. LuLu M
    LuLu M at |

    I have to agree with the Ravenswood, but I have never found it that cheaply. I agree it does vary significantly. The Rosemount Shiraz-Cab blend is also exceptional. A recent discovery of our is the Argentinian Malbec- there are a number on the market, but for well priced and delcious, the Argento Malbec 2007 Mendoza is fantastic. It does improve with a little time to breath, but in a blind tasting our group of friends judged it to be excellent and one of the top choices among far more expensive wines.

  13. Tricia
    Tricia at |

    I LOVE TWIN FIN PINOT NOIR!!!! But I haven't been able to find it in over 8 months. I have been told so many different stories as to why, but I still haven't find anything I like as well.


  14. Red|Red|wine
    Red|Red|wine at |

    Great article, I love the Australian sparkling reds.

  15. gabrielle
    gabrielle at |

    With the exception of the two yellow tails, this is a great list. Lots of familiar favorites here. Does Bonny Doon's Big House Red and Big House White get an honorable mention? They are just a smidge above the $10 mark.

  16. Yan Charbonneau
    Yan Charbonneau at |

    Good list! I wish we can pay those prices up in Canada! The white Voga, Pinot Grigio, is really good too. (14.95$ cdn).

  17. Absinthe
    Absinthe at |

    Awesome list. And best of all I can afford more than one bottle.

  18. magach
    magach at |

    Rename is to: 10 Wines to Avoid at All Costs

  19. Greg Harrison
    Greg Harrison at |

    I am probably a novice compared to most here when it comes to wine but I have had my share over the years. Ravenswood's offerings are consistently good and their entry level zinfandel deserves to be at the top at this price point. On the other hand, I have sampled several offerings from yellow tail (I have never tried the chardonnay) and was not the least bit impressed even considering their cost.

  20. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    I have had each of these wines and they are all excellent for cheap wines.

  21. Danielle
    Danielle at |

    Great list! I'm always looking for great wines that are within my budget. I'm keeping this one bookmarked and will definitely be picking up some on my next trip to the wine store!

  22. Giovanni
    Giovanni at |

    I am surprised so many people loathe some of these wines, well, except for the Yellow Tail. Those are not the best cheap wines to choose from. I do like the Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio though. Hidden gem.

  23. karl
    karl at |

    Shocked that you would include swill on your list when so many better wines are available. Yellowtail has made my WORST list for many years now.

  24. The Harriman Team
    The Harriman Team at |

    The Chateau Ste. Michelle riesling pictured is actually "Eroica", which is a team effort from CSM and Dr. Ernst Loosen, and is NOT $7.99 a bottle, more like $20, give or take a couple of bucks depending where you are. But it IS an excellent riesling. Oh, and take those Yellow tails off the list, will you? They barely qualify as table wines. If you want a better Aussie wine, try a Black Opal or Jacob's Creek.

    1. Rudy
      Rudy at |

      I agree with your suggestion in regards to Black Opal. The Black Opal shiraz is much better than Yellow Tail's version of the same, though not as easily available.

  25. Tod
    Tod at |

    Unfortunately the Yellow Tail bottles are over 10 dollars here in Canada… damn liquor taxes.

  26. Brans
    Brans at |

    Has anyone else tried Barefoot? The run around $5.99 and are pretty dang good.

  27. Rizzo
    Rizzo at |

    That Ravenswood isn't bad

  28. Ed
    Ed at |

    Ravenwood is excellent. I like Gabbiano's chianti also.

  29. Peggy
    Peggy at |

    "Double Dog Dare" isn't bad for a Chardonnay at $3.99. Yellow Tail Riesling, Chard, and Cab are all good.

  30. karl wilder
    karl wilder at |

    I can't abide yellowtail at ny price. Undrinkable swill in my opinion.

  31. Jake
    Jake at |

    I buy the Ravenswood at Costco for $8.99. I love it. It is very versatile. It has enough character to stand up to nachos watching football yet it is smooth enough to drink with a filet.

  32. son
    son at |

    the Chianti is drinkable, but barely

  33. son
    son at |

    Under $10 amazing wine: try finke-hesse cab (my spelling may be off).

    old dover old vin zines. trentatre rosso (trader joes). many riojas and temprenillos are quite tasty under 10. do not have titles handy but trial and error may find you your favorite!

  34. NussJunk
    NussJunk at |

    I have to say Bare Foot wine is the ultimate buy. I like white wine and highly recommend their Chard and Sav. Blanc. I can't believe Yellow Tail is on here twice. Gross! Rob Mondav. is delicious. There's even a white at Wal-Mart that's getting incredibly popular. $3.97/bottle and I kid you not, it's delicious. I think it's Oak Leaf or something like that.

  35. Brian
    Brian at |

    I cannot take this list seriously at all. It has not one, but two bottles of Yellow Tail. So no, A for effort, but no points for the Yellow Tail. There are plenty of wines out there with more thunder in the same range.

  36. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    What? No Columbia Crest? One of the best inexpensive wines. Won many awards.

  37. David
    David at |

    Yellowtail and Ravenswood are jokes. I dont get why people are so fascinated by these 2.

    Rosemont and Mouton Cadet are upgrades from the former.

  38. Wayne
    Wayne at |

    I am not crazy over the Yellowtail. For a cheap Chard I prefer the Down Under

    Chard @ $2.49 a bottle. My two favorite Chards @ $5-6 are the Bare Foot

    or Fallen Leaf.

    1. Wayne
      Wayne at |

      I meant Turning Leaf…Not fallen Leaf. The 2008 Turning Leaf

      Chard. is an awesome wine. Found it on sale for $4.98 a

      bottle. The 2007 vintage is not near is good.

  39. Umo
    Umo at |

    which is the cheapest wine out there??

  40. Anon
    Anon at |

    i am totally satisfied with this ranking …..Ravenswood Zinfandel is always number 1 nice post like it thanks for sharing it keep it up

  41. Flores
    Flores at |

    Barefoot is good. Rex Goliath is another. Oak Leaf should not just be an honorable mention. Very good for that price and easy to find.

  42. Flores
    Flores at |

    Turning Leaf used to be my go to until I found Rex Goliath.


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