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  • Tanya

    Haha!! Awesome list Im going to tryphone right now!!! xD I was planning on buying a phone so yeh. and FIRST!!

  • Great list. I'm going to link to it at my blog, Really Useful Sites (

  • Great list! If you think about it the list is a chronicle of how our world is changing. Trying new phone apps, displaying news graphically and the world community revising books in Wikibooks.

    James Todd

  • Many thanks for featuring DailyLit on your site. FYI, we're now featuring only great books and stories that are available for free. And we've just launched free DailyLit-Berlitz Spanish Lessons.

    -Susan Danziger

    Founder and CEO


  • thanks for such a useful list!! now excuse me while i try on… :p

  • John Sullivan

    Cool list but damn those pop up ads are a SITE KILLER

    • I have no pop-up ads installed. I have one pop-under that should only be shown once every 24 hours. Are you seeing something different? If so, I will contact my advertiser.

      Unfortunately, advertising is the only way I can keep this site up and running. Hopefully this is understandable for the free content and entertainment this site provides.

    • Eddie Von Cheddy

      Mr. Sullivan, there is a great deal of irony in your statement. The only reason this site stays in business is because of those pop-up ads. If you want your content online to be free, you'll have to tolerate these fairly innocuous ads just like everybody else.

      • Terry O

        Or , if you use firefox, you can install the ad-blocker add on. Simple.

        Personally, I did not click this site to be bombarded by ads and if Mr. Sullivan expresses the same sentiment then he is perfectly entitled to do so. The fact that he mentioned it means he is not used to it, so maybe not all sites are following your example of such aggressive marketing.

        As for tolerating those ads, I'd say there is too much tolerance of such advertising and not enough tolerance of real people's opinions MR. Von Cheddy.

        So take your condescending, smug tone and have a little reappraisal of your opinions.

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  • Joel Fisher

    these are great. for recipes,; also for learning new words i like

  • very nice list thanks

  • Some of these are really useful! Thanks!

  • hussain

    hello, why am I not able to find a facebook page on

    the image on your article clearly includes facebook too..

    • That may have been an old screen shot. Best to ask

  • Thanks for this – I think Boxee may become a bit of a personal fave.

  • I stopped reading at "Wikipedia’s overrated and about to become outdated".

  • Booty Shooty

    Wikipedia The Most Famous

  • BoB Tollman

    you can also list the internet's largest free aggregator list of all movies,tv episodes, docs and cable

    over 1000 options

  • anon

    Thank you for sharing those helpful websites. After reading your post, I have decided to visit those websites. I have now realized that I should be more careful and smarter while visiting sites all over the web. Hope everyone will be informed about this.

  • Sofia

    I have SO heard of two of these sites XD

  • Rod

    Just tried to go to Unable to get and try it out!

  • Lara

    I’m diggin’ the Dailylit idea. I can easily spare 15 minutes to read a good piece of literature and even more likely if I don’t have to put the laptop away to do it. Thanks for the compilation.

  • foohy

    “Wikipedia’s overrated and about to become outdated.”

    Err…what? It’s the #8 most popular website in the world and it’s popularity (according to Alexa) has done nothing but increase.

  • big pig

    Hey, thanks for the list, but seems to be having difficulty…bummer.

    • Thanks for the heads up. It appears to be for sale. We’ll update the list to reflect’s demise.