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  • FMH

    St. Simeon was by far not the only saint on a platform. But most “platform saints” or “column saints” are forgotten nowadays. The same goes for the early christian “rider saints”, who were always pictured as riders with lance or sword. They probably were successful warriors lifted into sainthood, but the only name we still know today is St. George.

  • Siddharth

    You missed rock garden of chandigarh, india. Nek chand made this garden from waste materials(like bottles, glasses, tiles). In 18 years he converted approx 2 acres of waste land into a garden made of recycled waste and he did all this ALONE.

    • FMH

      He probably didn’t include it because you have lone garden builders all over the world. I remember reading an article about it some time ago. Nearly everywhere you can find people who spent their whole life building unique gardens with castles, caves, waterfalls, landscapes for no reason other than their own pleasure. The most interesting thing is, that nearly all of those people where quite poor and their gardens weren’t opend to public until after their death.

    • brian

      theres nothing uninspiring about that