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  1. Leon
    Leon at |

    “The Thing” was an underrated & unappreciated horror movie. I’ve watched it several times and still find it scary. Too bad it didn’t do well at the box office, because it was a good movie that deserved a sequel.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      I agree. Both the original and the remake are good films, but I lean towards the remake because it is what I grew up with. The scene where the alien sprouts eye stalks from the stump of a neck as well as legs from the top of the skull to scurry away was creep and hilarious at the same time. It was definitely John Carpenter at his best.

      There is work being done on a Thing prequel, but I don’t know how good it is going to be. Part of the problem with prequels is we know how they are going to end, which is one of the reasons I thought the Aliens vs. Predator movies sucked.

      1. TriviaFan
        TriviaFan at |

        I also loved the remake, which I actually saw in the theater when it first came out.

        Apparently the 1982 version of The Thing is actually closer to the original story than the black and white version.

    2. kyle
      kyle at |

      the thing is my favorite movie of all time and i think it did bad since it was released a couple weeks after et

  2. Kenneth Fink
    Kenneth Fink at |

    Really didn’t find Cloverfield all that interesting, but the monster did have a unique look. I still think the Predator is the baddest movie monster ever. The alien from Species was cool, but one that is missing is Dracula, you can really pick and choose which movie version, I am paticular to Bram Stokers myself, but Dracula belongs on any top movie monster list.

  3. David Arnson
    David Arnson at |

    Coolest movie monster of the past decade to me surely is from the Korean movie ‘The Host’….

    It’s kind of a bus-sized 6-legged giant shark/tadpole/lizard thinggggg….!with a freaky carnivore mouth…truly awesome!

  4. Adam
    Adam at |

    I think the balrog from The Fellowship of the ring deserves, at the very least, an honorable mention.

  5. peter fp
    peter fp at |

    They are not aliens in Fudge 44, they are creatures and I am not sure what kind but that would be a good example of what you’re talking about.


  6. david d
    david d at |

    Nice list but i think it’s missing the kraken from pirates of the caribbean. 😀

  7. Ian
    Ian at |

    I don’t know if you can still edit it but:
    1) The monster from Cloverfield is affectionately called names such as Clover and Clovie.

    2) The creatures from Aliens are officially referred to as Xenomorphs.

    3) A prequel to The Thing is in production!

    I just thought that the two monsters should have their correct names on the list.

    Great list by the way. Although, I would have picked one of the various beasts from The Mist. The spiders in that movie were FREAKY.

  8. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    How about the Spider / Tarantula from the movie “The Incredible Shrinking Man” (1957)

  9. Flu-Bird
    Flu-Bird at |

    The origional Godzilla had personalty that 1998 version looked rediclous and THEM those ants looked so scary especialy that sound they made

  10. Dan
    Dan at |

    King Kong (1976) was a hit at the box office.

  11. Mason
    Mason at |

    Godzilla (??? Gojira )
    is and always will be the #1 King of Monsters.


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