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8 Responses

  1. Jennifer at |

    The Turkeys prefer to listen to Marvin Gaye.

  2. Dude at |

    #10 experiment is the most senseless, heartless, most twisted experiment i've ever read. So what if he can keep the head alive.

    1. FMH at |

      Maybe you should have read the “What’d we learn” part: with this experiment he invented the first heart-lung machine.

    2. josh at |

      I guess you think #5 is ok cause rats are not cute like dogs ?

  3. tremayne at |

    All this did was remind me of how horrible people are sometimes. Cutting up animals for our own benifit…

    1. AA at |

      I agree. And while few might help prolong human life a little…is it worth it that so many animals go through the same cruel experiment over and over through the years just for that? A good example of a useless experiment is making primates, cats, pigs, rabbits and I’m sure many other types of animals live off nothing but cigarette smoke for years (they literary had a mask with a little hole for the cigarette to fit in it…much less ‘cute’ than the primate used on the TV show ‘the big bang theory’) just so they could prove something they already knew…cigarette smoke is bad for you.

  4. kelsey at |

    the experiments on animals are so sad – why don’t humans accept that dying is a natural thing that controls world population & scientist should not be torturing animals to benefit something so unnatural as to try & make humans live forever – these experiements are done 1. animals get tortured 2. the experiments dont seem to prove anything & 3. if they did manage to find a way to keep humans alive for longer or w.e then we are left with – tortured animals & a planet with not enough room to house everyone – where is the good in that?

  5. Ife at |

    I. strongly agree with Kelsey dis is just a waste of. time. & life
    really weird experiments Dat don’t add value to human life


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