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  • mdfk79

    i must admit, i thought this would be a rip off of the cracked list yesterday, but it was actually better :oP

    • mdfk79

      and yup, im on toptenz at 9:52 in the morning on christmas day, what of it? lol

    • We get our lists far ahead, sometimes months, before being published so any similarities between other article sites would be coincidental. But I am glad to hear we rate better than cracked on something. Considering many of our writers also write for cracked, that isn’t surprising. Thanks for reading.


    The worst one should be the ones that you made in pre-k to 2nd grade and they are just every year reminders of how ugly and sloppy your crafting skills were. They take the fun out of the tree.

  • tonydude

    Kept getting wronger and wronger…

  • Catina Wactor

    Thanks for the nice article. Look forward to reading more of them.