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  • Dude

    You didn't include Armanzi Pezuzzi. Just google it…nah. 🙂

    • Heather Matthews

      thanks Dude 😉 I will Google it!

      • Dude

        Oh you did google it. Sorry i was just kidding.

  • Allysa

    I really think you made the right choice picking Coco Chanel as number 1. Because if you check out her biography movies and stories, you can see she's been through so many sacrifices in life.

  • Allysa

    I really think you made the right choice picking Coco Chanel as number 1. Because if you check out her biography movies and stories, you can see she’s been through so many sacrifices in life.

    • Heather Matthews

      thank you, Alyssa. I really enjoyed writing about Coco, and it's wonderful to see a woman at number one as well 😉 she does deserve it.

      • John Forsyth


  • Victor

    i believe that Giorgio Armani should have been atleast second place, as his styles are timeless and stylish compared to what ive seen in the past.

  • Agree with Coco and Valentino!! Wish Westwood was in this top ten xx

    • Heather Matthews

      I adore Vivienne Westwood – great suggestion 🙂

  • Great list. I agree with the above comment, you are right in placing Coco Chanel on the number 1 spot. I hope you get to make a series post about Fashion Designers. Like covering celebrities favorite designers. I love Monique Lhuillier’s designs.

    • Heather Matthews

      The series idea is a great idea 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment!

  • Chris

    Hello you forgot Alexander McQueen.

    • Bobbie

      Your right Alexander McQueen should be number one. His designs are amazing. I love him.

  • larry

    There’s no designers from uk in the top 10, I think mark and spencer and H &M should make the top 10. Coco chanel is a great designer and she has gone through a lot in life, I think she deserve it, bbpin 23840235…add me up msn

  • Erin

    Coco Chanel really deserves to be in the number one spot. I want to study to be a fashion designer when I graduate high school. She’s my insperation right now.

  • millicent iwunna

    i will like to be part of this business.where i come from fashion is all that matters.and it wil make a hole lot if can look into it .contact me. they all are the best.

  • Fashion Expert

    totally agree, Coco Chanel deserves first place,

  • Anoop thakral

    One day I’ll also be shortlisted for no.1….

  • olore

    sooo culllllll

  • karthick

    good very nice

  • John

    Coco channel chosen as number 1 because shes a woman, apparently the writer of this must be a woman. Alexander McQueen should be no.1

  • lisa

    Very interesting list but I am surprised that Paul Poriet is not on this list. He revolutionized and created the modern fashion industry. Although in the end he could not survive in the industry he created his impact is huge. He was the first in many areas including freeing woman from corsets, using live models, creating a signature perfume, making an entire lifestyle brand, and modern marketing.

    • Heather


      Thanks so much for the comment. I did look up Paul Poriet online after reading your remarks, and I was very intrigued by his life story and achievements. He does seem like a great choice for this list.


  • right

    ALAIA, Azedine Alaia, one of the best definitely in the top 3, and it we have to say living designers then he would be number ONE now!

  • right

    Azzedine with 2d sorry, and we can also add Mugler and Montana…

  • right

    and mention Reil Kawakubo from Comme des garcons

    • Heather

      Great picks, sorry there was not room for everyone! All of the designers you listed are exceptional.

  • jd

    alexander mcqueen should be number 1.

    • Correct


  • Correct

    I disagree very much!! i looked up this guy everyone is going crazy over.. mr. alexander mcqueen.. i dont like much of any of his work..

  • John Abraham

    So no Cristobal Balenciaga and Hubert De Givenchy ?

    • Heather

      good picks. sorry there was not room for everyone.

  • some1

    Check out elie saab he is the best


    Top 10 Fashion Designers – evjbmdjwx

  • suresh

    your list is so good i like ck jeans very’s really top designer list

  • Aaron

    I have two words – KARL LAGERFELD. One of the last true couturier, next to VALENTINO. The term couturier
    means much more than ‘fashion designer’. Chanel was a couturier. Calvin Klein, Halston etc (as successful as they were/are ) are not true couturiers. Do some research you’ll find I’m right…