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  1. Brandt
    Brandt at |

    Ha ha, what a crazy list. I want some of that elephant poo paper.

  2. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Overall a crappy list (ba-dum-dum). Although, I wonder where I can contribute to the cmen products…

    Intersting list, seriously.

  3. taramarriee
    taramarriee at |

    Haha, I was so expecting a honourable mention for “Soylent Green” – the idea of recycling *humans*.

  4. revitol treatment
    revitol treatment at |

    Yea I must admit it is a crazy list but it is good to know 🙂 where we heading to, every one of 10 examples are shocking to me, except maybe number 3. Pee Pills ( I heard that some where in Tibet they drink own urine ) it is part of healing of some kind.

  5. Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez at |

    In the 18th century, doctors would actually taste urine to check for diabetes. If it tasted bitter, you were healthy. If sweet, your blood sugar was high. And I found that perfumes were originally invented to cover up bathroom odors.

  6. Turk
    Turk at |

    I thank you Toptenz for showing me #9. Never again will my wife have to spend another penny on facial creams in the store, it’s free facials at home from now on


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