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  • Ryan Thomas

    I got a good kick out of the Passive Aggressive Notes site. But there is misery enough to be found in every single crevice of the internet, just take a look at any comment section/discussion board anywhere (on this very site for example, just one amongst infinite)…

  • Barong

    Hi just to let everyone know the awesome site above is not dot com 🙂

  • foohy

    Shouldn’t Failbooking be up there instead of Lamebook? They’re basically the same thing except I’ve never heard of Lamebook. Failbooking used to be an independent site before being added to the Cheezburger network where it sits alongside Failblog.

    • Drew

      i second this, i’ve never herd of lame book, but failbook is my favorite

  • foohy

    Soo… is basically just failblog with a more narrow content focus?

  • Gina

    then there’s


  • Ricky

    Is It Normal should be on here.

  • Chris

    Best site ever 😀

  • dave

    this list doesn’t include

    • MIssy

      I agree with Dave. is the only website that has made me laugh until I felt I was going to throw up.

  • Tassimo BrewBot

    Thanks to this dang list I just waisted 3 hours of my life. People of walmart is absolutely epic. I really like the awkward family photos too. Good collection!

  • Shouldn’t Failbooking be up there instead of Lamebook? They’re basically the same thing except I’ve never heard of Lamebook.

    same as foohy

  • Juss


  • Paw Print Pet Tags

    These are hilarious sites. I always go to People of Walmart when I need to feel better about myself. I’ll have to add FML to the rotation. Thanks for sharing.

  • Blake

    The problem with fmylife is that most of the entries are fake. The problem with mlia is that most people post awesome stuff, cuz they’re retards and don’t realize it isn’t My Life is Awesome.

  • Judy


  • Matt

    Another one that just started up recently is Made by two liquor store employees from RI. Here they tell stories about some of their most interesting customers and allows other people in to send in there own. Post can include pictures and videos.

  • Chris

    you will not be disappointed.

  • lik654

    Great web site! I am realy happy stumbling upon it!

  • James

    You forgot

  • katie

    should’ve put down the website, “”

    • That site just doesn’t feel like an honest site. I have read many of their posts and so many seem to be created for the site, rather than honest auto correct errors. What do you think? I do laugh at many of them, but too many just seem manufactured.

      • Jizzamie

        I know…I think it used to be real but then more and more seem to be fake ones started showing up….then I stumbled upon a make your own auto correct fail website and it totally ruined the whole thing for me :/

  • H

  • Aaron

    Hey, I don’t know if this is possible but if you could make it so when you click on the link it opens a new tab instead of taking you away from the list that would make this a lot better.

  • marc

    I would think over half of the submissions to any of these sites are fake. Mostly funny, but definitely staged.