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  1. Cameron
    Cameron at |

    Ew… Yelp is gross! I prefer AroundMe. Beautiful interface and.. And free.

  2. conanismyidol
    conanismyidol at |

    The app 'Things' costs $9.99? Geez. Anyone know of a similar app for free or cheap?

    1. Tanya Bennett
      Tanya Bennett at |

      I just double checked and it is really 9.99.

      I use Zenbe all the time, I have about 5 different lists going all the time (various shopping lists, things to do, specific projects…). The sharing features are very useful and you can also embed your list in your blog which is an interesting feature (example here: http://www.mamabrain.com/party-mama-flower-pot-lo…. The only other app on the list above that I use so far is Stanza. I'm looking forward to checking the others out – great list!

      I have an iPod touch, not an iPhone, and the apps I use the most are for WordPress, Facebook, and Myspace. The free version of the craigslist app is pretty great, too.

  3. Swartz
    Swartz at |

    TeamViewer, I use it for everything.

  4. Sofia
    Sofia at |

    For streaming music, wifi2hifi app is the best: http://www.wifi2hifi.com

  5. Evelina
    Evelina at |

    Pretty good list. Although instead first one app I would rather choose another – ,,Plan” app. It exceeded all my expectations. It helps me every day. Now I easily cope with all my planning problems.time management and calendar in one.



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