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  1. Failu
    Failu at |

    This list isn’t complete without McDonald’s.

  2. MLK
    MLK at |

    All those food have the same key ingredient that gives ’em that tasty and addictin flavor: grease
    and we cannot avoid to eat ’em for that sole reason.

    As Homer said before: “can’t u use a grease that isn’t tasty?….. dear lord, that doesn’t even EXIST!”

  3. Jizzamie
    Jizzamie at |

    I had the tuna melt today….that’s crazy! I feel kinda sick now. It wasn’t even very good….my mom makes better tuna. And I bet it’s a little healthier. 😛

  4. Danirahakurami
    Danirahakurami at |

    Uh how about In-N-Out Burger’s 100×100 burger, which is 100 patties between two buns!

  5. Joel Fox Guy
    Joel Fox Guy at |

    Holy cow I love all of these foods they are so yummy in my tummy

  6. Thurston "Tough Guy" Dettling
    Thurston "Tough Guy" Dettling at |

    I can’t even believe that those yummy tuna melt is number 1 like what the poopy


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