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  1. ByAnyMeansNecessary
    ByAnyMeansNecessary at |

    Here are a few more…….All puerto ricans know at least 1 person name jesus…….All black guys have sex with their socks on……..All white people food taste bland……All mexican women are maids(espicially in hotels)……All mexican men are in lawn service or construction…….All rednecks love nascar, live in the south,drink busch beer, drive monster pick up trucks with a conferderate flag in the back window, and have klan meetings out in the middle of nowhere yelling we hate n!99ers because they don’t have the balls to come to the inner city(i.e. ghetto) and say that bullsh!t.

  2. jack
    jack at |


  3. Mike
    Mike at |

    There’s an AP poll out today that said the majority of white people ARE racist.

  4. we dont know
    we dont know at |

    this stuff is tooo funny

  5. Lelani
    Lelani at |

    They forgot a stereotype that all Spanish girls wear northface and jordans, all Spanish people pile up in cars. All black people are from Africa, all black people have nappy hair, All black people love fried chicken. All white people smell like wet dogs. All Chinese people have small penis. All Chinese people have rotten teeth. All Native American’s wear feathers. All Jamaican’s are fast (They grow up too fast).

  6. Sohil Tarzi
    Sohil Tarzi at |

    whenever i tell someone that im muslim a they alsways ask if i know osama bin laden or if im in alqaeda.

  7. fara
    fara at |

    some of the above is true but some of em not. In asia in every country has their native sport,like kung fu-china, karate-japan, kurash-uzbekistan etc. Asia first in da world in everytin now, thats why dont say nonsense about ,asia,central asia. And in fact americans only know english but in asia peeps know at least 3-4 languages.

  8. Joanna
    Joanna at |

    I’m Asian, and here’s an stereotype people tend to give me – “All Asians don’t know English”. *snorts* Not all Asians fit that stereotype, including me and two younger siblings, who were all born in the US and speak English fluently.

    Another stereotype someone gave me – “All Asians were born in an Asian country” or “Asians haven’t been in the US for long” or “Asians haven’t been in an US public school system.” *snorts again* Guess what? Me and my two siblings are born in the US, have US passports and citizenship, and have birth certificates saying we were US born. All three of us grew up in the American/ US public school system(s).

  9. Melvin
    Melvin at |

    Yes, I am Hispanic who is not illegal and I am an American Citizen. I do not agree that all Hispanics are illegals. It is a joke.

  10. a great cat
    a great cat at |

    I’m a Asian who is not good at science and do not know kongfu….but i’m always beat by my mom with kongfu….ha, just kidding. My whole family don’t know kongfu, but i usually brag about my kongfu skills with foreigners ; ) and they look up on me~

    btw, good list. ~

  11. asd
    asd at |

    Aren’t African-Americans always the guilty ones in that Cops show? How about that stereotype?

  12. Josean
    Josean at |

    Puerto rican that learned english in Puerto Rico!!! Stereotype IS a stereotype

    1. Joyce
      Joyce at |

      I also learn English down in the island!

  13. Rick F
    Rick F at |

    Bottomline, and I will say this from experience, is that if you’re a minority in the US, you have to work harder, and strive harder in school. I’ve hung around various societies, and I could smell the discrimination. I got told actual racial things on the internet. I’m Asian Indian, but I regularly get told I’m either Black or Mexican. I try not to fall victim of stereotyping others, but there are some racist ignorants who will continually throw insults to get that reaction from you. I’m speaking the truth based on what I’ve faced. Bottomline is, stay in school and work towards you success, and you’ll live better while getting respect from others, regardless of color.

    1. Joyce
      Joyce at |

      This is very true, but at the same time nobody believes me when I tell them I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I had people coming to me (in a very insulting manner) that I just say I’m from PR to make myself look more exotic and that I must be a Slav (or German, or Romanian).

      In the end, I do have to put more effort (especially in my field, which is computers/networks) solely because I’m a woman (and in job interviews I’m usually the ONLY woman).

  14. Chris
    Chris at |

    Well, i’am from germany and in fact everyone has to learn (Britain) English at school, beginning from the 5th grade. So they are supposed to know this language, hehe. Of course we forget if we are not using it. Since we live in germany our only daily contact to this language exists in anglicisms which are of course, no alternative.

    Das wars dann auch schon. Tschüss ! 🙂

  15. Steven
    Steven at |

    “If one listens to some of the more conservative talk shows, one would come to the false conclusion that the majority (if not all) of the Hispanic people in America are illegal immigrants. ”

    I listen to conservative talk radio, and never once did I either get the impression of, or was I told directly by a radio host, that all hispanics are illegal immigrants. Funny how a list about stereotypes ends with a stereotypical comment by the writer, eh?

    1. mojojojo
      mojojojo at |

      YES! Well said! screw this hippie BS!

    2. Tom
      Tom at |

      Try a MORE conservative show than what you usually listen to, like the ones that talked about Barack Obama not being born in America.

    3. Elmer
      Elmer at |

      Dude i don’t know what everyones so worked up about!? our country was founded by racist Asses so its not a surprise we still have people judging others by the color of their skin, fashion, or even by their accent- proven by the Daniel Tosh! ski ski ski

    4. Joyce
      Joyce at |

      I usually listen the Rush Limbaugh show every now and then (I’m a girl from PR), and well, I had never heard him down talking Spanish speakers. In fact, I once called his show and he thought I was Russian because of the accent!

  16. College Freshman
    College Freshman at |

    I think you all took this list a little too seriously. Just read it and move on. If you agree, then you do. If you disagree, then you do. Just move on. It's not really up for debate as if your opinion is going to somehow change the world. It wasn't meant to offend. It was just clarifying commonly-used sterotypes, is all. Calm down, please. And another thing," African-American" makes no sense to use. It was just brought up by some Black people because they felt it would make our race equal to whites, but it's actually politically incorrect for Black people today to use. I consider myself Black, not African-American. But I do understand why the author used it. No ill will to him. I'm just tired of the word which incorrectly is used for Blacks born in the United States.


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