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  1. Anhedra
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    Mark my words: this will get ugly

    1. TopTenz Master
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      I would hope not, this list was not written by the author with any intent to insult. Even the youtube clips are poking fun at these stereotypes. We don't believe them, just telling you the most famous ones out there.

      1. Crystal Marie
        Crystal Marie at |

        Funny! After I wrote mine, I googled to see if other people had a list and found this one! Interesting!

        Here’s my list:

    2. James Broome
      James Broome at |

      James Broome
      Example 1: All Hispanics are illegal aliens
      This is prejudice in the fact they stereotype all hispanics without just cause. Yes their are illegal aliens, but not all hispanics are living in our country illegally. .

      Example 2: White People Are All Racist
      This is prejudice in states all whites are racist. That is not a true statement not all whites are racist.

      Example 3: Middle Easterners Hate America
      This is prejudice not all Middle Easterners hate American. Their more that love American than the ones that do not.

      Example 4: African American Men Are Well Endowed
      This is prejudice that is false not every black guy is going to be well endowed.

      Example 5: All Asians Know Kung Fu
      This is prejudice all Asians do not know Kung Fu. The kids spend their time playing video games like everyone else.

      Example 6: Native Americans Love to Gamble
      This is prejudice Native Americans own casinos, but does not mean they love to gamble. Matter a fact it is likely whites that come to their casinos and gamble.

      Example 7: Hispanics Don’t Speak English Very Well or Not at All
      This is prejudice some do not speak English very well or not at all. Vast majority of them pickup the language very quick.

      Example 8: All Asians Are Geniuses
      This is prejudice you can say that a lot of Asians are very smart, but that does not mean they all are.

      Example 9: African Americans Are Good At Basketball
      This is prejudice a lot of American Americans are good at basketball, but does not all of them are going to be good.

      Example 10:White People Don’t Have Rhythm
      This is prejudice says that white people do not have rhythm can not all true. Their white that do have rhythm.

  2. micha12
    micha12 at |

    I don't think I've commented here before but I read this site all the time and this is one of the best lists I've seen yet. I like how you acknowledge that stereotypes can be used for lighthearted fun and humor, but you also set the record straight on why stereotypes can't be applied to all (or even necessarily most) members of a race.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Thanks for commenting and I hope you do so more in the future. And thanks for understanding the intent and message of this list.

  3. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    Racism is one of those things that crosses all racial boundaries… truly, one of the most diversified, idiotic things on the planet.

    Yep – when it comes to racism, all races suck equally.

  4. John McDonnell
    John McDonnell at |

    Good list. Although it would be a stereotype to say that ALL white people lack rhythm, my informal observation is that many, many of us do.

  5. Equalizer
    Equalizer at |

    You can also add these bad stereotypes; Native Americans are always drunk or Chinese restaurant cook cats… Just an addition to this nice article I didn't mean to discriminate.

  6. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    Black people can't swim.

    White people can't jump.

    Nice job, I thought this was an interesting read and it is too bad people make these stereotypes.

  7. justin
    justin at |

    Thanks for this. Thanks for being politically correct to everyone but White people.

    Look, I enjoyed it, but you can't call black people black when you call white people white?

    "White People have no rhythm" right before you write "African Americans are good at basketball"

    Choose one or the other. Either Caucasians and African Americans or White and Black. Don't have double standards.

    – a black guy

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I don't like speaking for the authors, but as a white guy, I don't mind being called white. I think the reason the author chose African American is the fact that this appears to be the majority choice to use when referring to blacks, or African Americans. I don't think it is a double standard as much as a choice made by our culture in general. I would feel weird being called Caucasian and prefer white as it is less "government" sounding.

      – a white guy, or a Caucasian guy, it doesn't really matter to me.

      1. Steve
        Steve at |

        The problem here is that all African-Americans are black but not all black people are African Americans. The one "African-Americans are well endowed" sounds particularly stupid – is it emplying the stereotype doesn't extend to black British people, for example? Are only black AMERICAN men well endowed?

        This whole "African American" thing is just stupid. Let's call a spade a spade and black people black.

        1. tzilla
          tzilla at |

          What about the Caucasian Africans that come to America? There are those too. So, no, not all African-American's are black. I have only know a few African-Americans. They were professors of mine that moved here from Africa. But my dark skinned friends have all lived in America their whole lives. They are just Americans.

        2. Mino
          Mino at |


          Not ALL African-Americans are Black. Africa is a large continent with over a billion people of many different ethnicities. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Western Sahara and Algeria are all part of Africa and their inhabitants are not Black. An American from Egypt is African-American but is not Black.

          I chuckled when I read your post because I have been dating a guy from Africa and people often expect him to be this dark-skinned Black man when they meet him and he's not. It's just our very narrow-minded view of Africa here in the US that makes us assume all Africans are the same race.

        3. Jason
          Jason at |

          I think the point they were making is that a lot of people call someone with dark skin "African American" even if they have no connection with America what so ever…

          Someone who is black and was born in Africa and has never even stepped foot on American soil is obviously not African-American… They are just whatever nationality of the country they were born in, Somalian, Ethiopian whatever.

          If you don't know where someone was born though I'd say it's better to refer to them as black and not wrongly assume they are from the only place you can name where black people originate from.

          This who article was asking for trouble and you can go on about how you didn't mean to cause any offence or trouble all you like, but you knew it was going to and you still did it…


        4. GiGi
          GiGi at |

          I don’t know about Egyptians not being black, some are, ever see Hota Kotb, from The Today show? She’s Egyptian, & pretty black.

        5. Choco
          Choco at |

          Uh, if you really want to "break it down" and call something exactly what it is, call "black" people "brown" because the vast majority are most. def. not black. *rolls eyes*

      2. Blair
        Blair at |

        I strongly disagree. When you refer to a general population as African American, you are eliminating people like myself who is West Indian American, or the millions of black Hispanics, and black Asians living in this country. Using African American is an ignorant closed minded term.

    2. John
      John at |

      Black people hate being called black, its racist. White people have no problem with the colour of their skin.

      1. Blair
        Blair at |

        I love being call black. I do however have a problem being called African American. I am not African American. I am a black American.

        1. jackdaniels63
          jackdaniels63 at |

          Amen brother

        2. pat
          pat at |

          thank god someone’s proud to be american.. keep it up

        3. Alex
          Alex at |

          The Thing Is…..”American” Isn’t A Ethnciity But A Nationality. People Shoudn”t Deny What They Are.

      2. Black Girl
        Black Girl at |

        Ummm actualy ur wrong blackk ppl hav no problem with being called black but white people are to afraid to say it to there face so they rather say African American.

        1. Patrick
          Patrick at |

          Actually, some people who immigrated from Africa don't like being called 'black'. They think that being called black as well. I've talked to a few Nigerians about that.

        2. EM
          EM at |

          I call Black Black and White White, too many ethnic groups in each “color” to go into more detail. Plus, I have met some ppl from different countries in Africa and they say Blacks in America are Blacks in America they aren’t African and whites come from many places. I met a Sicilian…don’t you dare call him Caucasian and many more examples. When you start traveling around you meet ppl from all over with different ideas on what they want to be called or should be called so it gets too complex. My favorite story of “color” is a friend of mine who is “white” her son (who was 5) told her he had made a new friend with a peach girl, we both were confused and said what do you mean a peach girl? he goes you know like me…his mom goes oohhh, well actually we call that white, he goes but we aren’t the color of paper…we both laughed and said that is just what ppl call ppl with light skin. He was very perplexed by this…I did ask him about other ppl and all of it related to food some how so maybe he just was in to food but very cute.

      3. Patriot38
        Patriot38 at |

        I have noticed that light colored skin appears to be thicker than darker colored skin. I, being of the Human race, have a lighter skin and it is quite thick (I don’t get insulted at every little thing) and this article did not offend me at all. I abhor this “politically correct” mental disorder (deficiency, disease, state, take your pick) and consequently don’t subscribe to it. I can’t see why we need all this “hyphenation” junk (talk about thin skin) to define our various races. I am a United States citizen, and I prefer to be call such, although I am also an American; Hugo Chavez was an American, and I don’t like being in his category. I feel we should drop this divisive thing and return to being the United States, which is my country, and I prefer to return to before the times before the attempted coup of the Obama regime. People in general, in all countries, should be proud of their race and their country, and I totally agree with whomever said one should learn the tongue of the land you claim allegiance to, which is the country where you legally reside and earn your living. This piece was not intended to offend anyone, but every sub-race to human has it’s share of racists, so there will be a number of racists who will be offended by it because to a professional racist racism is their cash cow. We will have racism as long as it is profitable for some racist to play his race card and there are thin skinned people who will respond to it. Have a nice day.

    3. jackdaniels63
      jackdaniels63 at |

      Good point.

  8. Keith Watabayashi
    Keith Watabayashi at |

    This is the most PC thing I've ever read about stereotypes. Avenue Q has more balls than this list, which makes me wonder why you submitted it, and why should I read it? Now, before anyone comments on the tone of my comment as opposed to the content of it, I just don't see the point of examining stereotypes from a clinical and pc point of view.

  9. Joss
    Joss at |

    Funny how nobody really cares that a klan member got hit, despite the fact they were being peaceful and only exercising their right to free speech, regardless of how inhumane it is.

    It's okay though, because arbitrarily hating people for their spoken views is a-okay as long as you're in the majority right?

    Quit hiding behind self righteousness.

    1. Jackson
      Jackson at |

      How the hell is hating klan members arbitrary? There is an extremely good reason to hate them, because as you pointed out their views are inhumane and repulsive.

      There is a good reason why the majority of people hate the kkk and there is nothing arbitrary about it, its completely justified.

    2. Mino
      Mino at |

      No, we don't care that a Klan member got hit. Klan members have lynched, looted and murdered innocent people since their organization was formed. So, if one of them got knocked upside the head, KUDOS to the person who did it!

      1. YO
        YO at |

        black people have lynched, looted and murdered millions more innocent people than the Klan ever has, so following Mino's reasoning, KUDOS to the KLAN!

        1. Choco
          Choco at |

          Take your klan loving self to one of those klan sites and stfu.

        2. carous
          carous at |

          Don't waste your breath on this Nut, Choco. He sounds like a angry bigot who is bitter that with the emergence of a Black President and more equal society, people with racist views such as his have been reduced to insignificance.

          Let him wallow in his own misery.

        3. John
          John at |

          Ya but they weren’t lynching whites… And this is a racial stereotype post, not a ‘who killed more’ weird bodycount argument you moved onto.

        4. YO
          YO at |


          –verb (used with object)

          to put to death, esp. by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority.

          In the history of the Klan, there have only been about 500 lynchings and only about 300 of those were against black people.

          In a single year, black people "put to death" thousands of white people in the united states.

    3. Iriesounds
      Iriesounds at |

      I personally thought it was funny when the Klan guy got punched in the face.

  10. tasmanian devil
    tasmanian devil at |

    Everyone is subconsciously rasict! It is part of the human defence mechanism. We don't want strange looking people coming into our territory as they pose a risk to our food and women. Its only natural, as long as we don't start race-hate groups and start violence because of it. Its a two way street also, as minorities are a racist as anyone except they are quickest to label everyone else as racists. In fact white people have a racist label attached to them continuously through the media and even throughout their schooling. A whole group of people are blamed for the actions of racist individuals, both past and present. You do not have to feel responsible or ashamed because of others actions, only your own.

    1. Dude
      Dude at |

      I agree. Some asians are racist too. An attractive white guy was looking for a brown girl because he is really into that skin color. I've known this guy for quite some time. I ended up as the wing man and I was setting him up with my female friends. They didn't like him because he was labeled a pervert despite the fact that he was classy and nice. On the other side of the coin, I know some asian women who married a white guy and were automatically labeled as gold diggers. I really hope that racism ends. But if some people can't control themselves, they better remain anonymous and hide from their little computers. I find this list funny but I understand the seriousness of this issue.

  11. Wendy
    Wendy at |

    i'm going to read too much into this and point this out. the majority of the non-white stereotypes dispelled are "good", for lack of better word. while the white stereotypes only dispel bad ones.

    hmmm. RACIST. i'm just kidding. i enjoyed this list haha

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      No hidden agendas here. Every race has positives and negatives associated with them, because we are all equally human.

  12. Redazrael
    Redazrael at |

    I'm trying to figure out what this list was submitted under the title of "Top 10 Racial Stereotypes" instead of "Stuff That Everyone Already Knows". It's about as ground-breaking and informative as a list of "Top 10 Characteristics of Cats" with things like "cats have claws" and "cats hiss when frightened or angry".

    1. cvc
      cvc at |

      â??cats have clawsâ?? and â??cats hiss when frightened or angryâ??.

      But these aren't stereotypes, a cat stereotype would be "all cats are lazy" (which isn't the case)

  13. john
    john at |

    its jews cant keep rythem not white people

  14. Douglas
    Douglas at |

    I have to say, for the Mexicans don't speak English and they are all illegal immigrants ones, they are based a lot more in truth than the article makes it out to seem. It isn't a situation of you happen to see them walking around talking in Spanish, if you work in a labor field, such as welding, 90% of the applicants are Hispanic. when asked to raise your hand if you speak English 2-3 of them will raise their hands. Workplaces employ bilingual managers to deal with employees who can't speak English. And it happens all too often for your job to vanish right before your eyes when a bus load of them arrives at your work, offering to do your job for cheep.

    All these stated examples are from personal experience. Its not so much a stereotype when it is painfully true in so many cases.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      That’s a very specific demographic you’re talking about Douglas, your chosen profession may receive a high percentage of applicants from ‘Hispania’, but they make up a miniscule proportion of the whole population. So when applying a stereotype to a more specific demographic like “Hispanic people who work as welders in America don’t speak English well, if at all”, you’re gonna find more evidence to support that stereotype, despite the number of Hispanic people among the worlds population that don’t fit it.

  15. Isaac
    Isaac at |

    This article clearly doesn't understand what a stereotype is. A stereotype is a generalization, which doesn't mean anyone is saying "ALL black people are good at basketball" it means that there is a disproportionately large percentage of black people that ARE good at basketball, which leads people to believe that if someone is black, there are higher than average odds that they'll be good at basketball. The fact that my black uncle isn't good at basketball doesn't disprove this stereotype. The fact that Justin Timberlake can dance doesn't disprove the idea that white people may tend to have less sense of rhythm. You miss the whole point of what a generalization is, and in reality, many stereotypes and generalizations are based on verifiable statistics.

    1. Mino
      Mino at |


      There are only a few hundred NBA players whereas there are over 30 million African-Americans. There is hardly a significant percentage of Blacks who are Basketball players to even justify a generalization. So, how is this stereotype based on any "verifiable statistic"? 99.9999% of Blacks ARE NOT basketball players.

      In fact, there are more African-Americans in college and pursuing other non-athletic careers than there are basketball players.

    2. Matt
      Matt at |

      Hey Mino, you didn't understand Isaac's comment, did you? Anyhoo, not all people who are good at something become professional. I'm great at basketball, but I'm not in the NBA. The stereotype isn't that African Americans are basketball gods, but only that they are good. How many of those 99.9999% just didn't feel like trying out for the NBA? Hmmm?

      1. carous
        carous at |

        Matt, I understood the comment very well, thank you. I simply disagree with Isaac's comment. The logic you apply to African-Americans, "How many of those 99.9999% just didn’t feel like trying out for the NBA?" can be applied to members of ANY race. Why don't more Whites or Asians or Hispanics try out for the NBA, hmmm? It's probably because only a tiny percentage of people of ANY ethnicity are actually good at basketball.

  16. A Middle Easterner
    A Middle Easterner at |

    He IS write about the Middle Easterners they really dont hate america, well not all of them at least some of them get extremly and unbelievably happy when u mistake them as being europien or amarican because of their blue-green-gray eyes and/or blonde hair (like my aunt). But mainly they dont really give a damn, they're just to buzy with their everyday lives. I dont know why you guyz believe everything the media (or president) say? And if you dont believe me why dont u take a month of and come to.. somewhere/anywhere in themiddle east and tell me what u think!

    1. EM
      EM at |

      You start off by saying not all Middle Easterners hate Americans but then end it with a threat??? yeah that really makes us rethink that position…

      1. Siberian
        Siberian at |

        How abut this one? All White people are judgmental, petty, and love to misconstrue the facts. I read no mention of a threat. By the context of what I read, The Middle Easterner just wanted Americans to visit their country before judging and see that they’re a here to make a living and couldn’t give a crap about Americans. Here’s one more stereotype that is true, most white people think that the world revolves around them, which may have once been true, but becoming less and less true everyday. We share this world and will learn it one day. When children are young, they hate to share, but then they grow up and realize they have to . HUMANS are primitive. How long have we been around 100,000 years, while the earth has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. Calculate the difference and see that the human race is infantile.
        There’s still hope. Let’s not wreak havoc like the dinosaurs where the powers of the Universe destroys us or we destroy each other and accept the fact that we are more alike than we are different and that all of us are small people (compared to the size of all existence) that can do amazing things when we work together without. Less judging and more cooperation.

  17. Tonka Truck
    Tonka Truck at |

    I think it was an entertaining article taken at face value.

  18. CJ Phillips
    CJ Phillips at |

    White Men Can't Jump? Have you ever watched volleyball at the Olympics.

  19. Alistair
    Alistair at |

    Wot about :

    All Glaswegians, Scotland, are Alcoholics or Drug Addicts or both…..

    Then again…………………………

  20. Llyr Ap Morgan
    Llyr Ap Morgan at |

    To Alistair: Most Americans can't even figure out the difference between British and English, let alone have time for stereotypes of the individual countries of the UK.

    1. sutff it, limey
      sutff it, limey at |

      Sure we do, Morgan. An Englishman is usually an arrogant, foppish c–t. And Britons are those poor bastards who were too busy drinking and farming mud to avoid being conquered by them.

      1. Alistair
        Alistair at |

        Hey smart Guy.

        Your soundin kinda confused on the old Scots/English/Britons thang..Understandable…

        In the UK we tend to 'learn' about America and all Americans from Movies, TV, American Tourists and American Foreign Policy………

        Most of us have the brains not to base our views of Americans on the above…..

        although "Stuff it Limey" appears to back up our worst fears…

        Or is this a "septic-tank" being Ironic….

        Made me laugh anyway..

        Top Site


  21. YO
    YO at |

    This article is deliberately attempting to dishonestly down play and misrepresent the content it deals with.

    10. White People Donâ??t Have Rhythm / 9. African Americans Are Good At Basketball

    studies have shown that black people have between 3% and 24% more testosterone than white people. testosterone is the primary contributor to muscle growth and having larger muscles makes you better at all types of athletic endeavors from running to dancing to playing basketball.

    8. All Asians Are Geniuses

    no one claims that "all asians are geniuses"; this is a straw man argument. it is however an undisputed fact of psychology that asians have an average IQ of 106 where as white people have an average IQ of only 100 and black people have an average of 85.

    4. Black men are well endowed.

    Again, any study that has ever been done of this topic has concluded that on average, asians have the smallest penises, black people have the largest, and white people are in the middle.

    "stereotypes" 7, 6, 5, 3, 2 and 1 are so stupid im not even going to address them. Again, the author is taking legitimate statistical conclusions, ignoring them, and replacing them with half-assed, straw-man argumentsâ??no one makes the arguments which the author is disputing.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      Your view of your own intellect is overstated in your own mind. Try pretending to yourself that your wrong about stuff that you think is right, and see if it turns out to be true

  22. None
    None at |

    I hate to break the news to you "Yo" but every single study that has been done concluded that the only difference in penis size is when the penis is not erect and the differences are negligible. I have also yet to read any study suggesting a difference in testosterone levels between races. Perhaps you can send a link to such studies that prove the awesomeness of black people that do not come from the BET. I'll be waiting.

    1. YO
      YO at |

      Hi there "none",

      if this conversation was between only you and I, I would consider it a waste of my time, seeing as you don't even care enough about this topic to do any research before using such powerful words as "every single study that has been done". But knowing that many people will see this, and seeing as I am interested expressing these truths, I will take my time to engage with you as if you were worthy of it.

      here's a summary of studies on testosterone levels:

      Ellis, L., & Nyborg, H. (1992). Racial/ethnic variations in male testosterone levels: A probable

      contributor to group differences in health. Steroids, 57, 72-75.

      and here's a little info on the world health organization's strategy on condom distribution:

      "The World Health Organization Guidelines specify a 49-mm-width condom for Asia, a 52-mm-width for North America and Europe, and a 53-mm-width for Africa. China is now making its own condoms — 49 mm."

      UNAIDS (1999). AIDS epidemic update: December 1999. United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. New York.

  23. Richard Zijlstra
    Richard Zijlstra at |

    I'd like to add two topic… this is stereotypes(opinions) of how Europeans think about americans:

    2. Americans are very ignorant people

    1. America is a primitive country

    By just reading the reaction(replies) here above, I have to say, some apply to both topics!

    Belgian Guy

    1. 64 75 6d 62 61 73 73
      64 75 6d 62 61 73 73 at |

      Well, you might as well throw away your primitive PC, and you might as well start mailing letters again because forget about that primitive internet. I guess this is just an ignorant, primitive post.

      1. Anonymous European
        Anonymous European at |

        In during irony.

        computers = Charles Babbage, British.

        letters = …what? About as ancient as PAPER.

        internet = Tim Berners-Lee, British.

        Ignorance indeed.

  24. Bomb
    Bomb at |

    Speaking as a Jew who is superior to everyone, I find this list to be funny.

    Asians don't want it with me in math!

    Meshugenah Goyim!

    1. BB
      BB at |

      Had to comment: hilarious and ironic! 🙂

  25. Mayra
    Mayra at |

    I´m not so comfortable about number 7, I´m Mexican actually and I learned your language in my country, so I think you shouldn´t say something like that, you´d better be informed.

  26. Asgeir
    Asgeir at |

    it is missing that all icelanders live in igloos and only eat fish

    1. Neddi
      Neddi at |


    2. Kepha Hor
      Kepha Hor at |

      And are named Jon Jonsson or Britta Jonsdottir.

  27. Rick
    Rick at |

    If white people were the only racist ones there wouldn't be so many stereotypes about white people.

  28. Chad
    Chad at |

    One point…regarding the study about African American penis size…the study is not inclusive, it's inconclusive. Inclusive means to include everything.

    1. YO
      YO at |

      No more making up terms, Chad.

      1. makingupterms
        makingupterms at |

        taken from merriam webster dictionary online-

        inconclusive is a word, meaning leading to no conclusion or definite answer.

        inclusive -comprehending stated limits or extremes or broad in orientation or scope.

        Enjoy your day YO

  29. Moomoo
    Moomoo at |

    This list should be called: "Top 10 Racial Stereotypes in the US"

    Addition to #7: 94% of germans learn english in school

  30. Morrison
    Morrison at |

    I used to work with a woman from England.

    One day she stated that she didn't like the influx of Eastern Europeans into her country because "they don't speak good English, like what we does."

    She apparently missed the irony in her statement…

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      She probably intended it actually

    2. Kepha Hor
      Kepha Hor at |

      You’uns knows dat us Northern White guys is da only folks what don’t got no trouble talkin’ English. oops, ‘Murkin.

  31. College Freshman
    College Freshman at |

    I think you all took this list a little too seriously. Just read it and move on. If you agree, then you do. If you disagree, then you do. Just move on. It's not really up for debate as if your opinion is going to somehow change the world. It wasn't meant to offend. It was just clarifying commonly-used sterotypes, is all. Calm down, please. And another thing," African-American" makes no sense to use. It was just brought up by some Black people because they felt it would make our race equal to whites, but it's actually politically incorrect for Black people today to use. I consider myself Black, not African-American. But I do understand why the author used it. No ill will to him. I'm just tired of the word which incorrectly is used for Blacks born in the United States.

  32. Steven
    Steven at |

    “If one listens to some of the more conservative talk shows, one would come to the false conclusion that the majority (if not all) of the Hispanic people in America are illegal immigrants. ”

    I listen to conservative talk radio, and never once did I either get the impression of, or was I told directly by a radio host, that all hispanics are illegal immigrants. Funny how a list about stereotypes ends with a stereotypical comment by the writer, eh?

    1. mojojojo
      mojojojo at |

      YES! Well said! screw this hippie BS!

    2. Tom
      Tom at |

      Try a MORE conservative show than what you usually listen to, like the ones that talked about Barack Obama not being born in America.

    3. Elmer
      Elmer at |

      Dude i don’t know what everyones so worked up about!? our country was founded by racist Asses so its not a surprise we still have people judging others by the color of their skin, fashion, or even by their accent- proven by the Daniel Tosh! ski ski ski

    4. Joyce
      Joyce at |

      I usually listen the Rush Limbaugh show every now and then (I’m a girl from PR), and well, I had never heard him down talking Spanish speakers. In fact, I once called his show and he thought I was Russian because of the accent!

  33. Chris
    Chris at |

    Well, i’am from germany and in fact everyone has to learn (Britain) English at school, beginning from the 5th grade. So they are supposed to know this language, hehe. Of course we forget if we are not using it. Since we live in germany our only daily contact to this language exists in anglicisms which are of course, no alternative.

    Das wars dann auch schon. Tschüss ! 🙂

  34. Rick F
    Rick F at |

    Bottomline, and I will say this from experience, is that if you’re a minority in the US, you have to work harder, and strive harder in school. I’ve hung around various societies, and I could smell the discrimination. I got told actual racial things on the internet. I’m Asian Indian, but I regularly get told I’m either Black or Mexican. I try not to fall victim of stereotyping others, but there are some racist ignorants who will continually throw insults to get that reaction from you. I’m speaking the truth based on what I’ve faced. Bottomline is, stay in school and work towards you success, and you’ll live better while getting respect from others, regardless of color.

    1. Joyce
      Joyce at |

      This is very true, but at the same time nobody believes me when I tell them I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I had people coming to me (in a very insulting manner) that I just say I’m from PR to make myself look more exotic and that I must be a Slav (or German, or Romanian).

      In the end, I do have to put more effort (especially in my field, which is computers/networks) solely because I’m a woman (and in job interviews I’m usually the ONLY woman).

  35. Josean
    Josean at |

    Puerto rican that learned english in Puerto Rico!!! Stereotype IS a stereotype

    1. Joyce
      Joyce at |

      I also learn English down in the island!

  36. asd
    asd at |

    Aren’t African-Americans always the guilty ones in that Cops show? How about that stereotype?

  37. a great cat
    a great cat at |

    I’m a Asian who is not good at science and do not know kongfu….but i’m always beat by my mom with kongfu….ha, just kidding. My whole family don’t know kongfu, but i usually brag about my kongfu skills with foreigners ; ) and they look up on me~

    btw, good list. ~

  38. Melvin
    Melvin at |

    Yes, I am Hispanic who is not illegal and I am an American Citizen. I do not agree that all Hispanics are illegals. It is a joke.

  39. Joanna
    Joanna at |

    I’m Asian, and here’s an stereotype people tend to give me – “All Asians don’t know English”. *snorts* Not all Asians fit that stereotype, including me and two younger siblings, who were all born in the US and speak English fluently.

    Another stereotype someone gave me – “All Asians were born in an Asian country” or “Asians haven’t been in the US for long” or “Asians haven’t been in an US public school system.” *snorts again* Guess what? Me and my two siblings are born in the US, have US passports and citizenship, and have birth certificates saying we were US born. All three of us grew up in the American/ US public school system(s).

  40. fara
    fara at |

    some of the above is true but some of em not. In asia in every country has their native sport,like kung fu-china, karate-japan, kurash-uzbekistan etc. Asia first in da world in everytin now, thats why dont say nonsense about ,asia,central asia. And in fact americans only know english but in asia peeps know at least 3-4 languages.

  41. Sohil Tarzi
    Sohil Tarzi at |

    whenever i tell someone that im muslim a they alsways ask if i know osama bin laden or if im in alqaeda.

  42. Lelani
    Lelani at |

    They forgot a stereotype that all Spanish girls wear northface and jordans, all Spanish people pile up in cars. All black people are from Africa, all black people have nappy hair, All black people love fried chicken. All white people smell like wet dogs. All Chinese people have small penis. All Chinese people have rotten teeth. All Native American’s wear feathers. All Jamaican’s are fast (They grow up too fast).

  43. we dont know
    we dont know at |

    this stuff is tooo funny

  44. Mike
    Mike at |

    There’s an AP poll out today that said the majority of white people ARE racist.

  45. jack
    jack at |


  46. ByAnyMeansNecessary
    ByAnyMeansNecessary at |

    Here are a few more…….All puerto ricans know at least 1 person name jesus…….All black guys have sex with their socks on……..All white people food taste bland……All mexican women are maids(espicially in hotels)……All mexican men are in lawn service or construction…….All rednecks love nascar, live in the south,drink busch beer, drive monster pick up trucks with a conferderate flag in the back window, and have klan meetings out in the middle of nowhere yelling we hate n!99ers because they don’t have the balls to come to the inner city(i.e. ghetto) and say that bullsh!t.


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