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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    The Palace of Soviets looks like something out of an Orwellian book. I think that would a soul-crushing edifice had it been completed. Thankfully it was not. Very interesting about the portrait of George Washington. I never knew the dollar bill art was from an unfinished painting. Great list, Evan!

  2. Pete
    Pete at |

    Another great list. Thanks for the video links.

  3. Andy from Beaverton
    Andy from Beaverton at |

    What is even more amazing in the 9. The Palace of Soviets, is what it replaced.

    From Wiki:

    When the last of Napoleon's soldiers left Moscow, Tsar Alexander I signed a manifest, 25 December 1812, declaring his intention to build a Cathedral in honor of Christ the Saviour "to signify Our gratitude to Divine Providence for saving Russia from the doom that overshadowed Her" and as a memorial to the sacrifices of the Russian people.

    From 1958 to 1995, it was transformed into the world's largest open air swimming pool, the Moskva Pool

    I was in this rebuilt cathedral in 2001. It was one of the most amazing structures I had ever been in. It was hard to believe the original was torn down, but that was the arrogance of the Soviet leadership. Much like the Soviets feeling no need to build a safe containment structure for the Chernobyl nuclear plant, nothing bad will ever happen.

  4. ZB
    ZB at |

    "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" made for a fantastic musical. They tie up the whole murderer thing with an audience vote.

  5. Muziclover
    Muziclover at |

    One to add – Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". A great piece of literature presented in a unique format – this was well ahead of its time and grossly underappreciated today. A shame Chaucer died before he could complete this, one of my favorites.

  6. Amanda Whitney
    Amanda Whitney at |

    Leonardo Da Vinci's horse was for the most, completed and is in the Fredrik Meijer Gardens in Michigan. It's 24 feet tall and made of bronze. it was completed using da vinci's designs.

    From wikipedia:

    Among the many highlights for visitors is Nina Akamu’s The American Horse, created in homage to Leonardo da Vinci's original commission by the Duke of Milan

    It's really cool to see, actually.

  7. captain_hammer
    captain_hammer at |

    Yeah I don't know about that.

    I've never seen the American Horse, so it could be a lovely sculpture and I mean it no disrespect, but another artist completing a homage is not the same as completing the work of the other artist.

    Unless the clay model could be found and an exact replica could be cast- then it's not Da VInci's work.

    I think you could just simply say- Nina Akamu' s The American Horse, an homage to Da Vinci's last uncompleted masterpiece, attempts to realize Da Vinci's last artistic dream. Or something along those lines.

    In the same way that painting people with funny faces doesn't make you Picasso- another artist using Da Vinci's plans doesn't make him Da Vinci.

  8. Tom M
    Tom M at |

    Ummm, wasn't Beethoven's 9th symphony unfinished??

  9. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    A big time omission is Symphony No.8 by Franz Schubert. And to Tom M., Beethoven’s 9th was completed. He did however make many sketches for a 10th symphony before he died on March 24, 1827

  10. Little_Sam
    Little_Sam at |

    I am glad you put the Mystery of Edwin Drood and Mozart’s Requiem on this list. I agree with some previous posters and think Schubert’s Symphony Number 8 and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales should be on this list somewhere. I am also glad that you put Stuart incomplete portrait George Washington on this list. However I also think that Elizabeth Shoumatoff’s infamous incomplete portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt deserves some consideration as well. At least it deserves an Honorable Mention in my view.

  11. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Giacomo Puccini’s Opera “Turandot” (primarily known for the world famous Tenor Aria, “Nessun Dorma”, translated ; “No Man Shall Sleep”) was not completed by him as he died on November 29, 1924 of throat cancer (he was a chain smoker). It was completed by a little known Italian Composer named Franco Alfano and had its premiere on April 25, 1926 at La Scala.Theatre. Arturo Toscanini conducted the premiere and during the 3rd Act after the words “Liu, Poesia” were sung, Toscanini stopped, the orchestra stopped, Toscanini laid down his Baton, turned to the audience and said in Italian, “Here the Opera ends because at this point the maestro died.

  12. Dudemasyer
    Dudemasyer at |

    Benjamin Franklin never finished his autobiography abruptly stopping far before the war of independence.

  13. Brian of Nazareth
    Brian of Nazareth at |

    “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket” is a relatively unknown work by Poe that is widely assumed to have been finished. However, this is not the case (despite what even Wikipedia states). Poe refused to finish this tale because of the inaccuracy of the facts supplied to him. Finished or not, it became an influential work for various authors including Melville and Verne.

  14. Douglas Holmes
    Douglas Holmes at |

    Unfinished oil paintings by masters are invaluable they are a look into the soul of that artist.To feel the spirit and be moved by art is a mystery that defines beauty.


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