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  1. TriviaFan
    TriviaFan at |

    I wonder if Yahoo would be a consideration, as that was one of my first introductions to the internet and browsing.

  2. blanka
    blanka at |


    Nuff said ;D

    1. Mike
      Mike at |

      ThePirateBay- Changed how we circumvented corporate greed.

  3. Randy
    Randy at |

    I’d definitley say Yahoo, before google there was Yahoo. And I’ve never found wikipedia that earth shaking but that’s just me.

  4. Bryan
    Bryan at |

    Nice list, Good job
    I would like to suggest Netflix/Redbox as well.

  5. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    Facebook must definitely be number 1 on this list, it’s the most crucial site in the world at this moment and has fundamentally changed the way humans interact.

    google.com shouldn’t even be on this list at all. Google didn’t change everyday life much, it just took over everything. And those things are Google services, definitely not the Google main search site.

    1. Nicole
      Nicole at |

      Google changed everything. Google changed the way we research, changed the way people looked at the internet, changed the way we look at the world. Don’t know something? Google it. Need to find out how to spell something? Google it. Need to find a website for XY&Z? Google it. Need to figure out the name or artist of a song? Google it. Need to find a book? Google it. Want to find pictures for your report? Google it. Want to find pictures of your high-school sweetheart? Google it. Want your kids to find an educational site they’d actually like? Google it. Want to find where the supermarket is? Google it. Want to find out what India looks like? Google it.

      Power-hungry corporation or not, you can’t deny Google has changed many people’s perspectives on the internet.

      Not to mention, Facebook is just a bigger, better ripoff of Myspace. They didn’t changed the way people interact at all, they just took AOL, Myspace, and Yahoo and smashed it all into one website, not changing the way people interact, just making it easier.

      1. love sms
        love sms at |

        I agree wih those who say Yahoo should be there instead of Wikipedia.

        1. Hello.
          Hello. at |

          Yahoo is still there. Geolyks or thing like that

      2. sanjay
        sanjay at |

        @Nicole : Super Lyk.. 🙂

  6. Ela
    Ela at |

    I agree wih those who say Yahoo should be there instead of Wikipedia (we research with search engines not with wikipedia) – google should stay no 1 no matter what Daniel says.

    I think instead of Pandora – which I can assure you is getting low traffic from eastern Europe – the whole world has changed it’s way of meeting and dating people since the first chat rooms and dating websites appeared.

  7. Durable Goods
    Durable Goods at |

    I am a blogger fan and I agree with FaceBook and Wikipedia.Thy all have become very important but I really do not understand why Twitter is not on that list.

  8. TRKOF
    TRKOF at |

    Uncommonly spot-on, as subjective lists go (IMO). I would however replace Pandora with the Drudge Report.. Drudge literally influences what news is “news,” formerly the purview of the New York Times, and a political game changer.

  9. ed
    ed at |

    Google is no different than yahoo or bing. if it realy did do anything signifigant it was make the world dumber (same goes for wikipedea)

  10. Akshay
    Akshay at |

    Where is Twitter?

  11. Send Free SMS
    Send Free SMS at |

    Facebook must be at number one position, and where is Twitter?

  12. goku
    goku at |

    Wikipedia is on TOP 10.. great i wished it shud b der.. all sites including facebook, google are commercial site! they earn money with there site, but Wikipedia is free and non-profit, non-commercial site.. it doesn’t ask for donation either, u can donate if u wish to..

    but surely Yahoo is the site that shud b at first, it changed everything, search engine, ads, emails, yahoo answers, yahoo messenger, chat room… google simply copied it all but with simple interface and with less ads..!

    i want bing to take over google!.. and it will….

  13. juicy
    juicy at |

    What about Youtube, twitter, and yahoo?

  14. Illumirage
    Illumirage at |

    Oh come on. What has Twitter really changed? Everything you can do on Twitter you could already do on Facebook years before that, for the most part. Twitter is basically facebook’s status, abbreviated. Morons with no attention spans posting what they had for breakfast and other inane minutia of their pathetic existence. Don’t give it so much credit…
    It maybe streamlined FB’s status posting a little bit, but don’t chalk it up as so entirely revolutionary. BS.

  15. Dr. Psoriasis
    Dr. Psoriasis at |

    You missing a few here buddy, like twitter, and numero uno should be defiantly Facebook. Evan my mother use it, hihi. What about Skype?

  16. John @ DealBind
    John @ DealBind at |

    Yes! You are right. Each has unique value and we can’t imagine internet without these. But, there is one missing here i.e. Twitter.

  17. Justin
    Justin at |

    I think this list is pretty good, except I’ve never heard of GeoCities, and I use iTunes instead of Pandora. I agree that Google.com should be #1, as it has really tied the internet together (I would have never heard of this website without it).

  18. bilgrame
    bilgrame at |

    And where is linkedin?

    1. Hello.
      Hello. at |

      LinkedIn is an sorta facebook for office business.


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