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  • When I clicked on the story via Neatorama, I did not expect to see my photo used as an example of the color gamboge since it is not the best example of the color.

    • I rather liked it. Can you provide any better examples?

  • United Nations blue looks a lot like Corn Flower Blue:

  • Adam

    That's 9 weird colors I haven't heard of, Falu red is general knowledge in Sweden. 🙂

  • Onkl Mawks

    How about fluorescent grey???

  • Really interesting piece of info… Hearing these color names for the first time. thanks for sharing.



    This is ridiculous, i could choose any color and be like, this color is JJulia.

    • What are you waiting for? Actually, I would use your name, Jukabuca. Feels like it should be a deep purple. You have our support.

      • onebadasswhiteboy


  • haha Caput what happen to the good old colors like blue red and green

  • Biz

    Well, it would be difficult to find the names for the millions of colors of the light specter. It is no wander that every now and then some new "shizu-mizu" kind of color name appear. 🙂

  • Peter in Denmark

    The reason Falu red (also known as Dalar-red, "red of the valleys", named after a distrikt in Sweden) is so suited to preserve wood is that it has a high iron content.

  • username

    yellow has long been my favorite color, but I do think gamboge will now take its place 🙂 beautiful little list. Thank you!

  • Why?

    I see a penis in #8…wtf….

    • Pan

      Oh, sorry not everyone shares your delusion that animals don't have genitals.

      • Why?

        Wow…clever one Pan.

        • Navi


  • Daniel

    Well since being a swede And a house painter I've heard "Falu red" before 🙂

  • Tina

    Razzmatazz? How is that uncommon? It was a crayola color! 🙂

    Love the rest though!

  • jezzika

    hahah here in aus, razzmatazz is the name of stocking brands! theres no pink there! haha

  • Shacylah

    lol what color does my name sound like "shacylah" im the first and only in the world –its pernounced Sha-Key-luh

    • Light Shacylah?

      • Shacylah

        yes like does it sound like a kind of red or maybe a pink ?? idk what do you think??

        • HAROLD

          i think mabye like a sky blue

  • Great post, interesting colors – some are new to me too and I don’t like that crazy beet looking thing! Wasn’t Zanadu a movie with Olivia Newton John? I think it bombed.

  • Marc

    Aw, those are nuthin'! There used to be a dye pigment called "Uranium Yellow." Can't get it any more for some reason; I understand the color positively glowed. You can get an artist's pigment called Indian Yellow, but it's unlikely it's manufactured in the traditional manner: from the urine of cows fed an exclusive diet of mango leaves. In the 19th century there used to be a very popular grayish brown pigment called "Mummy." It fell out of favor when the news got around that it was actually made from ground-up Egyptian mummies. There was quite a brisk trade in mummies for that very reason.

    Until recently paint manufacturers have no obligation to reveal the contents of their pigments. I know I'd been painting with Flake White for ten years before I found out it was carbonate of lead. The full chemical names of the popular Thalo colors are phthalocyanine blue and phthalocyanine green. For some reason the manufacturers chose not to call it "cyanide blue." Vermilion contains mercury. The obsolete colors realgar, orpiment and Emerald Green all contained arsenic (Emerald Green was so poisonous it was sold as an insecticide).

    With the exception of the earth colors, virtually all artist pigments are poisonous to a greater or lesser degree. When you think of watercolorists pointing their brushes with their mouths, it makes you shudder. Caveat pictor!

  • Jon H

    Names are nice and can be romantic, fun, whatever, but I think colors should always be labeled with their spectrum frequency. Every color has it's own frequency. And every person's retina is slightly different. "Color blind" people don't see in black and white, they just can't discern the difference between certain colors. So every person will sense a color slightly differently. Using frequencies puts a definitive (as opposed to subjective) label on a color. The formula to achieve that frequency does not need to be revealed (unless it's harmful in some way).

    • Jon H

      Of course, I have OCD and like precision. But it makes sense to me.

      • InappropriateStarches

        I like that idea. It would make it MUCH simpler for people learning coding as well…. but then Pokemon wouldn’t be as fun. Would you rather get your 6th bade in #eeaa11 Town, or Saffron City?

  • B

    How about International Klein Blue? Invented by and named for noted modern artist Yves Klein:

    It is, according to Klein, the color of the "void."

  • S

    falu red is famous in sweden

  • Tina

    My bike is United Nation's Blue!! 😛

  • michaela

    "razzmatazz" is in the crayola 64 colors box. i knew that one =]

    • Josh

      me too

  • Peter Johnson and Th

    You forgot Jay-Z Blue lol

  • Anon

    Ever heard of ‘Hooker’s Green’
    Made combining ‘Prussian blue’ and ‘Gamboge’

  • Kolin the novice Art expert

    Ive heard about half of them colors!

  • Lisa

    we call Falu red “Sweedish cottage red”, i think it used to be made out of blood from deers (or mooses). At least thats what they use in the danish national park “dyrehaven”, to paint the fence

  • Katie

    Wow! Thanks… I had to list three different, interesting co,ours for my 11+ tuition, and THANKS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Pineda


  • JTN

    Now I know what to name my pokemon, thanks.

  • Undisclosed

    I noticed it mentioned that Swedes wanted a neutral color… Haha

  • InappropriateStarches

    Haha I’ve heard of arsenic, razzmatazz, fallow and UN blue. Malachite soubds like a neopets colour, maractite which is an eerie neon blue-ish green.

  • Bugz Bunny

    Razzmatazz is a weird color name …