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  • Lisa

    we call Falu red “Sweedish cottage red”, i think it used to be made out of blood from deers (or mooses). At least thats what they use in the danish national park “dyrehaven”, to paint the fence

  • Katie

    Wow! Thanks… I had to list three different, interesting co,ours for my 11+ tuition, and THANKS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Pineda


  • JTN

    Now I know what to name my pokemon, thanks.

  • Undisclosed

    I noticed it mentioned that Swedes wanted a neutral color… Haha

  • InappropriateStarches

    Haha I’ve heard of arsenic, razzmatazz, fallow and UN blue. Malachite soubds like a neopets colour, maractite which is an eerie neon blue-ish green.

  • Bugz Bunny

    Razzmatazz is a weird color name …