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We all love history and here are a host of history lists to prove it. Get you history knowledge in the form of top 10 lists, it is easier on the stomach.


Top 10 Deadliest Train Disasters in History

Anytime a train crashes, bad things happen. Best case scenario sees massive property damage but at least everybody survives. Worst case scenario ensures death and destruction all around. These ten trains are the deadliest of all time, and it’s our sincere wish that this list never has to be updated with ever-higher body counts.

History Wreck-of-the-uss-maine

Top 10 Headlines of the Nineteenth Century

1800 did not look one thing like 1899, thanks to incredible advancements in both technology and society. It’s odd to think about it at first, especially since photos from that century are rare, and voice recordings are even rarer. But amazing things happened over those hundred years, just about every day. Here are ten of the most news-worthy stories of the bunch.

History Valley-of-the-Kings

Top 10 Famous Historical Sites You Didn’t Know Were Haunted

For the most part, ghosts tend to lurk in obscurity, content to haunt random old buildings and curse sports teams that they don’t like. Some ghosts, however, crave the spotlight a bit more, and so they take up residence in some fairly famous locales. If you visit any of these places, don’t be surprised when the wind turns violent and freezing cold.

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Top 10 Cases Of Espionage Against The US

Espionage is something just about every country takes part in, even though it’s illegal in just about every country. The United States, being the biggest superpower on Earth, is no exception. Th number of foreign spies that attempt to infiltrate America’s ranks is truly mind-boggling. Here are ten of the most famous cases.

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Top 10 Battles Fought After The War Had Ended

Just because the people in charge decide a war is over, doesn’t mean every soldier knows about it. Many wars have experienced a number of bloody, violent, and fatal battles fought days, weeks, or even months after the war officially ended. This is yet one more reason that war is bad; because stupid carp like this happens far too often.

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