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Cannibalism is typically seen as one of the worst crimes anyone can commit. Clearly though, that opinion’s not universal; otherwise, nobody would do it. But some cannibals don’t eat humans for the taste — they do it for the benefits. Many people still sadly believe that human body parts make the best medicine, as well as an easy route to fame and fortune.

Earlier this week, in “celebration” of Left-Hander’s Day, we published a list explaining why it sucks to be left-handed. Proving that there are two sides to every story, here now is an ACTUAL celebration: ten reasons why the 10% of people born with a dominant left-hand should thank their lucky stars.

With Left-Handers Day come and gone, we started to wonder if being a righty is all it’s cracked up to be. There are two sides to the argument, and both shall be presented. Today, a righty explains why he would never want to be a lefty. Coming Saturday: the rebuttal.