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  • Mike

    Love your website and subscribe to the posts via my reader so I won't miss a one!

    I sat next to Teddy DiBiase in my college speech class. (his pop was Iron Man Mike, btw, a famous wrestler in the 60's) TB is now a minister, I believe.

    Lots of wrestlers live in this area (TX panhandle), most notably the Funks.

  • Ha! That is a rich list. IRS as the #1 though? I'm thinking Glacier could've fit the bill nicely. XD

  • Garrett

    doink the clown


    the undertaker




  • mc

    Andy Kaufman should be on this list.

  • bob


    wrestlers are such good actors

  • Bert

    A quick note – Barry Darsow was also one of the many people to play Doink.

  • Gimbel

    No love for the "Red Rooster"

  • Odekatik

    Hmm… You mean cheesy characters? *cough Cena cough*

  • Adam Cartwright

    Blue Blazer (Owen Hart) should be on the list.

  • Peter Boucher

    Where is George “The Animal” Steele ???

  • Peter Boucher

    I lost interest in Professional Wrestling when “Classy” Freddie Blassie retired from the ring. Why ? Because i used to laugh when he would enter the ring while filing his bi-cuspid teeth with an emery board and then proceed to bite / chew on his opponents forehead causing him to bleed profusely and the TV screen would be engulfed with a CENSOR sign on it. I Loved it.

  • Project-9

    There’s so many to choose from! Gold Dust (Oh Dustin Rhodes), Terry “The Red Rooster” Taylor, Sparky Plug, The Genius, Tugboat….too many to list.

  • turk

    The Godfather could get an honorable mention here, “Roll a fatty for your local Pimp daddy, and climb aboard the HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO train!”