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  1. Zach Gillette at |
  2. Vicki at |

    You forgot about the Stanford Tree!!

  3. Tony at |

    Keggy the Keg- Dartmouth
    Gents and Ladies- Centennary College
    Blue Blob- Xavier
    Big Red- Western Kentucky
    Stanford Tree- Stanford University
    Captain Cane- Tulsa
    Roboduck- Oregon
    Pistol Pete- OSU
    Boll Weevil- UAM
    Eph- Williams College

  4. Paris at |

    Cayenne….In Louisiana… is that weird?

  5. John Gerhardt at |

    C’mon Man – How ’bout New York University (NYU) . . . The Violets . . . the only thing that could possibly be less intimidating would be THE SHRINKING VIOLETS. Can you imagine smack talk from a flower?

  6. Sara B. Kaiju at |

    Scottish terriers have a stronger jaw pressure than pit bulls and were used to hunt and kill badgers! Bears won’t even mess with badgers in the wild! Anyway, they aren’t simply yappy little dogs. They’re tough and scrappy and seem like a pretty cool mascot.


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