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  1. Terry Bigham
    Terry Bigham at |

    The UCSC Banana Slug was on a T-shirt worn by John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction"!

  2. Kristi
    Kristi at |

    I was wondering as soon as I saw the title if Artie made it into the list! I wondered how SCC came up with an artichoke as a mascot. And a fighting okra in Mississippi doesn't shock me either…

  3. Occasional stumbler
    Occasional stumbler at |

    I'd probably put the artichoke to number 1. There are not that many options out there that could be a worse idea for a mascot.

  4. Marco
    Marco at |

    Speedy the Geoduck looks unnervingly similar to Turd Sandwich.

  5. Tanya Bennett
    Tanya Bennett at |

    My favorite is the geoduck – I bet all the other mascots make fun of him… poor guy…

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I don't know about the rest of you but the geoduck looks like a certain part of the male anatomy that might belong to the jolly green giant. But, maybe that's just me. Ho, ho, ho – green giant!

      1. Ddrmaven
        Ddrmaven at |

        I have a friend who went to Evergreen, and yes, that's the point. They chose the geoduck because it's a phallic symbol.

    2. Shaw
      Shaw at |

      I can’t believe this. That is actually me in that photo in the Geoduck costume! We weren’t known for our sports teams but we were known for our ridiculousness.

      Our school motto- “Let it all hang out”

      1. TopTenz Master
        TopTenz Master at |

        Hi, Shaw. thanks for the comment. You wore the Geoduck costume with pride!

  6. Meh
    Meh at |

    Any bad mascot list missing the Beacons out at UMB clearly isn't that good.

    The beacon sits between two waves on our merchandise for God's sake, it's just a giant penis!

    1. Ash
      Ash at |

      So does the Geoduck. Btw, go look up a picture of a geoduck. They look gross!

  7. Jason
    Jason at |

    Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers have this weird politically correct sex neutral amorphous glob thing…

  8. Allison
    Allison at |

    My alma mater Indiana State University's old mascot used to be the "fighting teachers." Then, they changed it to a Sycamore Tree. Officially, we use "Sycamore Sam" a uni-sex unidentifiable animal to represent us at games. Sad, I know.


    1. Ash
      Ash at |

      LOL that's great. Thanks for the info 🙂

  9. factopo
    factopo at |

    what about umd? it's a turtle ffs

  10. tasha
    tasha at |

    The Syracuse University mascot is an anthropomorphic orange… That's right up there with artichoke isn't it?

  11. elbarv
    elbarv at |

    Um, how could not include the NYU Violet as number 1?

  12. jpowwa
    jpowwa at |

    Pistol Pete is Oklahoma State's mascot, is it not?

  13. jpowwa
    jpowwa at |

    Ah I stand corrected…they are both Pistol Pete…as well as NM State I believe.

    1. wyofan
      wyofan at |

      all three mascots are named pistol pete however new mexico state is the aggies while ok st and wyo are the cowboys

  14. Jocelyn
    Jocelyn at |

    First off, this list has no respect for creativity and picking a mascot that actually represents your school. In Santa Cruz banana slugs are everywhere, and they have only club sport teams so they aren't trying to intimidate anyone. Way better to be something silly than the 457th school with the tigers as their mascot.

    Second, you missed the worst mascot ever. The mascot so bad that it was actually given to the school by the administration as a punishment. I am speaking of the Stanford Cardinal (that is the color, not the bird). In the 90s, the school decided that the old mascot of the Indians was insensitive, so they decided to have a school wide election of a new mascot. The school overwhelmingly voted for the "Stanford Robber Barons". If you are wondering why look up the founder Leeland Stanford. The school felt this was disrespectful to the founder and decided to have the mascot be the Cardinals instead. Since it is a little difficult to have a color run around a field, the redwood tree from the school's crest has been made into an anthropomorphized abomination. You can see it here: http://blogs.jsonline.com/blogs/fishoutofwater/st

  15. andrea
    andrea at |

    no one has mentioned the university of minnesota mascot yet.

    we're the golden gophers. unfortunately, the guy that designed the mascot had allegedly never seen a real gopher, so it actually looks like a chipmunk. don't get me wrong, i like goldy and all, but in terms of being intimidating….it's lacking.


  16. Sheba
    Sheba at |

    You forgot the Stanford mascot. It's a redwood tree.

  17. Nurul Azis
    Nurul Azis at |

    WuShock looks like Frakenstein to me hahaha

  18. Q
    Q at |

    The Goshen College Maple Leafs. That’s right leafs, not leaves, because that means they are all from one tree. I don’t even think they are the fighting maple leafs because they are pacifists.

  19. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    You also forgot the Ohio State Buckeys. If you want to have a very well known school (particularly in athletics) with a weird mascot Ohio State is for you. Brutus the Buckeye. Yes the mascot is a nut.

    1. Me
      Me at |

      Yes, and the official tree of the state of Ohio is the Buckeye. Not exactly that weird when you take that into account. But they aren’t just any nut, they’re poisonous too.

  20. LunaLucifera
    LunaLucifera at |

    I’m surprised that you didn’t include the University of Oregon ducks, of all mascots, in your list. Besides the fact that ducks don’t exactly instill knee-rattling fear into, well, anyone, the U of O actually struck a deal with Disney, and got them to agree to let them use Donald Duck, of all characters, as their official mascot. So, not only is their mascot one of the most harmless birds around (not to mention one that’s prey for about half the animal mascots that the U of O plays against) he’s…Donald Duck…one of the silliest cartoon characters of all time. To see what I mean, click here:


  21. realAniram
    realAniram at |

    Our friend Sammy the Slug has no known predators. I think that’s a pretty kick-ass mascot that doesn’t have anyone stupid enough to go after it.

  22. Juan
    Juan at |

    What are you talking about? Cayenne is awesome

  23. KC
    KC at |

    University of north Carolina school of the arts is the fighting pickle

  24. MRI
    MRI at |

    GO POKES! Pistol Pete Rocks! AND… I’ve seen Cowboy Joe take out a couple people so there..

  25. Becca
    Becca at |

    You’re missing Scrotie from Rhode Island School of Design. It’s a giant scrotum

  26. Zach Gillette
    Zach Gillette at |
  27. Vicki
    Vicki at |

    You forgot about the Stanford Tree!!

  28. Tony
    Tony at |

    Keggy the Keg- Dartmouth
    Gents and Ladies- Centennary College
    Blue Blob- Xavier
    Big Red- Western Kentucky
    Stanford Tree- Stanford University
    Captain Cane- Tulsa
    Roboduck- Oregon
    Pistol Pete- OSU
    Boll Weevil- UAM
    Eph- Williams College

  29. Paris
    Paris at |

    Cayenne….In Louisiana…..how is that weird?

  30. John Gerhardt
    John Gerhardt at |

    C’mon Man – How ’bout New York University (NYU) . . . The Violets . . . the only thing that could possibly be less intimidating would be THE SHRINKING VIOLETS. Can you imagine smack talk from a flower?

  31. Sara B. Kaiju
    Sara B. Kaiju at |

    Scottish terriers have a stronger jaw pressure than pit bulls and were used to hunt and kill badgers! Bears won’t even mess with badgers in the wild! Anyway, they aren’t simply yappy little dogs. They’re tough and scrappy and seem like a pretty cool mascot.


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