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  • 5minutes

    You mentioned Obama’s penchant for calling people. Setting politics aside, how about G W Bush’s well-documented visits to injured soldiers, or his continuing work on the AIDS crisis in Africa?

    For rockers, how about Sammy Hagar’s penchant for collecting food kitchen donations for every city he plays in?

    • Mohammed

      Top “10”

  • Little_Sam

    If you are listing philanthropists, you missed one of the greatest philanthropists of the Twentienth Century. His birth name was Muzyad Yakhoob which was later Anglicized to Amos Jacobs. You know him better as Danny Thomas.

  • derp

    Stopped taking list seriously when obama came up.

    • Chris

      I stopped taking you seriously when I read your username.

      • scott


  • wait_what?

    So just because these people call or see people makes them a good person?

  • redneek24

    When I saw Obama’s name, I realized you don’t know the difference between a bad ass and a bully.

    • Loren Bagby

      I second that. And there is a difference between lending a hand and abusing the power of the office you hold. Notice it had to be prefaced by “Regardless of your political standing.” As if that validates or OK’s what follows. Kinda like “I don’t mean to be a jerk but…”

  • Cathrin

    What about Nelson Mandella?!

    • Loren Bagby

      You mean the racist, ungrateful leader of South Africa? He totally forgot what aid the American people gave to him once he got in power, and has made racist comments about them several times.

      • Cathrin

        What?! Hey man… I live in South Africa. Nelson Mandella is the one who STOPPED racism. Go read it up wil you!

        • shane

          Yeah the whites in South Africa are not racially savaged by the blacks now are they?
          They inherited the best country in the continent and turned it into one of the worst…..
          Way the go Mandella!!!

          • Pinkamena

            what are you talking about? The whites of South Africa completely dominated the blacks with their laws of Apartheid. Nelson Mendella was imprisoned for 36 years for trying to speak against apartheid and since he was such a great powerful speaker he got the influence of the government to actually end one of the worst forms of segregation in the world. Also the blacks were there first read up on history

            • shane

              You’d want to read up on history yourself! Not whatever pamphlets and leaflets you get your knowledge from.

              Mandella wasnt imprisoned for speaking against the government…. He was imprisoned for the bombings, assassinations and armed revolt his ANC party led against the government.

              The government of the day did not hand power over because of Mandellas wonderfull speaking, they done it because of political pressure and sanctions brought upon them by the rest of the world.

              And as for your comment about the blacks were there first…..
              Yeah well the whites were first in Europe…. Shall we now tell all the blacks living in Europe (who are so desperate to get here) to get out?

  • YoureDoingItWrong

    Paul Newman should be listed. Also, this was painful to read. Maybe don’t try so hard to be witty and funny…

    • Mohammed

      Says the internet commenter.

  • Craig

    Stephen King didn’t write the character as freezing to death, in the book he was killed when a boiler exploded. Nothing about the movie except the title should really be attributed to King. Great movie, horrible adaptation.