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  1. Mr. Sunders at |

    Best number 1 ever! Really made me laugh, thanks!

  2. Really? at |

    “We may never know who was the better president” – Bush or Clinton. Really? What kind of a stupid statement is that? Do you know who you’re talking about here?

  3. Waldo Jeffers at |

    You do know that #9 is false, right? It turns out that the Bush administration lied about all the damage and vandalism allegedly done by the Clinton people- it was their way of trying to show how much better they were. A 2002 GAO audit showed that the amount of damage done to the White House was consistent with what you would expect to see after someone moved out after occupying it for 8 years. There were no missing W’s, no chimp pictures, etc. Just normal wear and tear.


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