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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    Nice List ,,

    But i wounder why didn’t you mention the massacres Israel did in Palestine and Lebanon since 1948 till today ??!!

    1. Steve
      Steve at |

      Or the Palestinian massacres and attempted massacres of the Jewish people, which is also ongoing?

      1. Steve
        Steve at |

        Dear ,

        Before you say something please do a research ,,

        -129 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,519 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.
        -1,104 Israelis and at least 6,829 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.
        -9,104 Israelis and 50,742 Palestinians have been injured since September 29, 2000.
        -During Fiscal Year 2013, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $8.5 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians.
        -Israel has been targeted by at least 65 UN resolutions and the Palestinians have been targeted by none.
        -0 Israelis are being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 4,900 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.
        -0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and 27,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.
        -The Israeli unemployment rate is 5.6%, while the Palestinian unemployment in the West Bank is 23% and 30% in Gaza.
        -Israel currently has 269 Jewish-only settlements and ‘outposts’ built on confiscated Palestinian land. Palestinians do not have any settlements on Israeli land.

        Source : http://www.ifamericansknew.org/

    2. murph
      murph at |

      I’m sure it’s only a few more than how many strapped bombs to themselves to massacre others in their cowardly suicide.

      1. Bob
        Bob at |

        Good Lord, People need to stop misusing the word cowardly. Blowing yourself to bits to kill others may be pure evil, but isn’t cowardly, in fact, its pretty daring.

  2. JustMe
    JustMe at |

    What about the Holodomor?

    1. Santusa
      Santusa at |

      The Holodomor seems to be overlooked by history. It should be on the list. Bravo, JustMe.

  3. Dave
    Dave at |

    The Black Death was worse than the holocaust.. With the holocaust you were shot or gassed to death. While with The Black Death, you coughed up blood, had fever, had disgusting buboes, and were dead within a few days, entire villages were left empty. and slavery is still around today..

    1. Travis Baines
      Travis Baines at |

      Think the author had intent in mind as well.

    2. Avinash
      Avinash at |

      Well that wasn’t the case for everybody.

      Many Jews were separated from their families who were gassed and had to work as Slaves under the Germans. The Prisoners were also not fed properly and grew weaker and weaker due to starvation while they worked in coal mines etc, while being abused by the guards who executed some jews for no reason; for most of the day only to come back to camp and be further abused further and killed by the guards.

      All this pain of course without even going into the deeds of Dr. Josef Mengele.

      Now im not saying either was worse than the other, both were horrible events in the history of man but this statement (“With the holocaust you were shot or gassed to death”) seemed to play down the situation.

  4. Avid-Lister
    Avid-Lister at |

    Awesome, awesome list!

  5. Rick
    Rick at |

    When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 the death toll at Auschwitz was lowered from 4.1 million to 1.1 million. Why did the 6 million number stay the same? Was the 6 million figure just more wartime propaganda?

    Can someone answer this question without going berzerk?

    1. Avinash
      Avinash at |

      Because it was very hard to estimate how many jews were killed because of the way the camp was structured and the way the body was disposed.

      While it was the Soviet government who initally quoted the figure of 6m, you are wrong in saying that the figure dropped to 1.1 million after the collapse of the soviet union. Adolf Eichmann initially said that the number of jews killed was 2.5m total and then later said that the number would have been lower.

      It was in 1983 that George Wellers used German documentation to come up with the accepted figure today of 1.5 million.

  6. THATguy
    THATguy at |

    Seriously? So a dozen years or so of work camps tops four HUNDRED years of extreme genocide against people of African descent?? when are they gonna stop whining that they had it worse than EVERYBODY in history??

    1. Dante
      Dante at |

      A few points:
      1) As much as I believe that the Holocaust has been used as an excuse for far too long to do morally questionable actions, the Holocaust was extraordinarily awful in terms of how much damage was done to a civilian population in such a small amount of time. Dozens of work camps? I believe you are missing the Einstatsgruppen, the murder of gypsies, Poles, Russians, gays and handicapped individuals, not just the Jews. The figure is roughly 6 million Jews killed, albeit a contested number, and since the fall of the Soviet Union there have been reports of 10 million Slav civilians being murdered. An astonishing rate for a mere 8 years or so. Meanwhile the Atlantic Slave Trade had taken the lives of roughly 10 million Africans over 400 years, this includes the slave raids by African tribes against one another. It’s still a large and gruesome death toll, but pales in the speed and efficiency of the Nazi war machine.
      2) Arguably, Slavery was not uncommon till about the 1890’s (which surprised me that the Belgian Congo was not on here). Genocide and slavery, although both are horrific in nature, are not the same. Belgian Congo, however, could be probably classified as a genocidal case, but nobody, of all races, really seems to remember it sadly.
      3) Its never a good idea to have to fight about “whose group had it worst”. It defeats the purpose of healing the scars of time, and it makes everyone look like self victimizing troglodytes.

      1. Travis Baines
        Travis Baines at |

        Debating the holocaust death count is such an inane, unsensitive activity.

        1. Dante
          Dante at |

          Historians debate things of this nature all the time, why is the Holocaust immune to this idea? It is better to know the truth, be it higher or lower, no?.

          I am not a Holocaust denier, I just seek the closest thing we can get to the truth.

  7. elcucuyfeo
    elcucuyfeo at |

    Ok I’ll point out the elephant in the room.

    The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    1. Dan C.
      Dan C. at |

      Very good comment! While these bombings didn’t kill as many as some of the others all one has to do is read some of the stories of survivors to know that they truly went through hell on earth.

  8. listfan
    listfan at |

    What a fantastic read! 😀

    1. listfan
      listfan at |

      Keep it up like this please toptenz. Most interesting list I’ve read in a while

      1. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        Thanks, we love to read positive feedback. Seems like it is so much easier to complain than praise nowadays.

  9. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    1. The eastern front of wwii saw FAR worse things than the holocaust itself, and the number 6 million is proven to be grossly inflated
    2. The Irish had it FAR worse than the blacks during the slave trade-both in transit, and after arrival. Many know this easily verifiable fact, but they refuse to see anyone white in line with them at the atrocities payable office if the rediculous idea of reparations ever came to fruition.
    Go ahead and call me a racist but at least go look these things up after your all-knowing rant please

    1. Annwen
      Annwen at |

      Could’nt agree more.

  10. Evan
    Evan at |

    Could not agree more. By basically making it a contest of who had it worse, it seems to discredit the fact that in all these cases, many innocent good people were killed and they are all travesties.

  11. Kody Yoke
    Kody Yoke at |

    Okay. The Holocaust is number one on this list… that’s cool, I guess.
    I dont want to get anybody mad here, but SERIOUSLY! What about what the White People did to the Native Americans? Sure, list the Aztects, but NOT list Native Americans?!
    6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, thats horrible
    50 million African Americans (according to blackpanthers.org) were murdered during the Slavery Era, even worse
    However, 80-100 MILLION native americans were murdered when Europeans ‘founded’ America. So why isnt the Genocide of Native Americans number one on this list? Why isnt it even included? Yes, I see the Aztecs, but where are the Olmec, the Mayans, and all the other peoples of South America? There is NO mention of Native Americans of North America on this list and I am appalled. The Holocaust doesnt even seem so bad when one compares it to what Pilgrims did to Native Americans JUST FOR BEING HERE FIRST.
    I understand that some people will take this the wrong way. I am NOT saying that what the Jews had to experience was not so bad. I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy, but seriously no one even MENTIONS this! I really wont understand why Native Americans are NEVER thought of. Millions of us are slaughtered, but we still fall short. THE DISASTER AT K-19 BEAT THE AZTECS! WTF?! The history books we were taught in school makes no mention of how Native peoples gave food to the starving pilgrims, of how we took them in and showed them how to survive. And then the Whites murdered us with inpunity and sold our scalps. No where in the text books do they make that a FACT. I want this list rewritten, not for my happiness, but for this TRUTH to finally BE KNOWN.

    Sorry if I offended anyone reading this, but I get very passionate about my people. Lets say that you (the person reading my comment) are a Jew and no one even talks about the Holocaust, its never in the news and is buried. Would’nt you be so angry about this? Or if you were an African American and no one talks about Slavery.
    Along with the African Americans, I truly believe we are the most despised and least talked about peoples in the USA (daresay the world?). Its because we are an embarassment to these white people. Not because we are still the same proud people before, but because we are living PROOF of how evil white people can be. They are the most destructive race on this planet. Look at what they do (And I am counting Germans as white people, who wouldnt?) and look at what they still do. Their trying to sweep us under the carpet.
    I dont mean to sound like a preacher, but the truth hurts. Now, reply to my comment, white people. Show me how insensitive you can be. But know that I have heard everything you said already. How you try and say “well I didnt steal your land and kill your people, Its not my fault, I couldnt control it”. Thats my favorite excuse. So why won’t you give us (when I say ‘us’, I mean Native Americans AND African Americans) compensation? Why havent we (this time I just mean native americans) EVER been conpensated for the lands your ancestors took? I mean REAL compensation. your forefathers paid us almost $2 dollars an acre. How about paying us 100,000$ dollars an acre now? Or even more? Dont try and excuse yourself from this, you can make it right today. But you wont. You’ll keep on making excuses for the atroucities that you AND your forefathers have done.

  12. Evan Welch
    Evan Welch at |

    Bloody hell…I know I run the risk of sounding like a racist white person (note my sarcasm) as they are obviously the only racists out there. Them and the Israelis (sarcasm again). I hate the massacre of Native Americans in the U.S. but let us watch the when we use genocide. Once again, not saying it is ok and it DOES deserve a spot on this list. All these others though were genocides to the letter meaning: an intentional elimination of an entire ethnic group. The issue with Native Americans was not genocide as the goal was to move them off land we wanted. (STILL NOT OK)

  13. Cody Yoke
    Cody Yoke at |

    So your saying that what Europeans did was not genocide? Its like saying it was the Natives fault for putting up a fight. Yet again, your wrong Evan Welch. Your saying that what Europeans did was NOT intentional? It was every bit as intentional as Hitler putting Jews in the furnace. Theres a quote that white people used to say “In order to save the Man, we need to kill the Savage.” Whats that saying? They wanted to kill who we were. Plus considering the fact that they used to attack villages of >5,000. THEY WOULD KILL WOMEN AND CHILDREN. They were innocent, yet they murdered them just the same. Genocide is Genocide.
    Bloody Hell sounds like your from Europe. Maybe thats why your so naive about whats happening clear on the other side of the world.
    Of course Whites are the only racists out there. They are the only people without color, so of course their going to hate other people who do have color. And you sound pretty monotone, so I cant ‘note my sarcasm’.
    Israelis? I said nothing about them. What are you talking about with the Israelis?

    1. Craig
      Craig at |

      I was with you until your claim of only whites being able to be racist. Racists exist in every shade and its obvious you are one of them.

  14. John Henderson
    John Henderson at |

    I’m not sure what to make of the entry about the Chinese famine. The entry lists the year of the famine as 1949 and claims that the Chinese communists had been in control for 10 years, which is nonsense because the Chinese Civil War that brought the communists to power did not happen until 1949. 10 years prior much of China was under occupation from Imperial Japan and the portion of China still controlled by Chiang Kai-Shek was allied with the western forces of World War II. In fact it’s not really clear just which famine the article references at all. The closest I can come is the famine that the communist government called “The Three years of Natural Disasters” or “The Difficult Three Year Period” that occurred during the years from 1958 to 1961, which would have been 10 years after the communist take-over of China in 1949.

    And I can’t help but get the notion that the movie referenced to in the article on slavery and the Middle Passage was the “painfully candid” “10 years a Slave” rather than the almost cartoonish “Django Unchained”.

    All in all this list is interesting, if a bit untidy. I’d have at least made a nod in the directions of the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Turks early in the 20th Century, the horrific genocide of the Pol Pot regime against its own people in Cambodia in the 1970s and the systematic elimination of the Kulaks in the Soviet Union by the artificial famine of 1932-33 caused by forced collectivization.

  15. Benny Wells
    Benny Wells at |

    Josef Stalin killed many more than died in the holocaust but history seems to have forgot that fact.

    1. Billy Bob
      Billy Bob at |

      And Stalin actually pretty much succeeded in wiping out entire peoples, like the Gypsys for example. I know that technically there *are still some but not enough to count. Most of the world doesn’t even realize they were an actual culture/people…


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