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  • FMH

    Heidi Klum? Really? Have you ever seen her on TV and not in an edited picture?

    • Rob

      Her legs are still fantastic.

      • FMH

        Not better than those of most models. What really makes her ugly however is her voice and character.

  • Anonymous

    Doutzen Kroes? Ever heard of? Holland rules!

  • Roderick Rutledge

    Congratulations on this list, obviously, everyone has their own personal preferences, but I’m impressed to see an eclectic mix, there’s something for every man (or arepera) here!
    Personally, I like the darker features, very nice.

  • Peter Boucher

    I am astounded !!! No let me correct myself ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED that Gisele Bunchen is not on this list. When your net worth is $250 million dollars and married to the best quarterback in the game of American Football, you have to be doing something right. Gisele is from Brazil. Take a look at some of the pictures of gorgeous women that walk on the beach of Rio De Janiero or Ipanema Beach and you’ll find out why !!!

    • Dennis

      What does 250 million dollars and being married to a quarterback or being from Brazil have to do with beauty ?

      • Zach Gillette

        What does being in a Batman movie?

    • She certainly does have some extremely long legs.

  • ParusMajor

    I’m sorry, but this list is silly (although I like the pics). Did you Americans really think there aren’t any beautiful women anywhere else? Have you ever been to Sweden, for instance? Or Brazil?

    • Mike D.

      nope, us americans think the hottest chicks are right here in backwoods of Montana.

      • Dennis

        Mike–Guess what?–You’re right.

      • Nate

        hey dennis come down south a bit try round South Carolina area, We have the hottest girls

    • brian

      They cant cover every country in a list of ten…so there has to be about 200 countries not included

  • robb17

    this list. i like.
    zhang ziyi is beautiful but i could’ve gone with other east asian beauty.
    still its cool that natalia vodianova and marion cotillard were on it.

  • aliciah benitez

    Ii still believe you should have included the Philippines’ most beautiful actress Marian Rivera, she’s just naturally beautiful and unbelievably flawless.

  • aliciah benitez

    i still believe you should have included the beautiful actress from the Philippines, Miss Marian Rivera. She simply very naturally beautiful and unbelievably flawless.

  • TriviaFan

    Sigh, you can never please everyone all the time for sure.

  • K.A.

    Out: Heidi Klum
    In: Alessandra Ambrosio
    Yes: Cotillard at #1
    Don’t even think of including: Gisele Bundchen

    and, in case I forgot:
    In: Alessandra Ambrosio

  • Charles

    How ’bout one that doesn’t look as if she’s thrown up every meal she’s ever had?

  • Monica Belluci is my fav. I think she should have been on the first place!

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    u 4 got ziville

  • Funny Joke

    Among these women ….. only Anna kornikova deserves to be in this elite list.

    • monique

      Yendi so deserve to be an this she is way cutter than Anna Jamaica to the world

      • monique

        i mean that she is prettier than anna

  • Jay

    Aishwarya Rai should be number one! 🙂 This list needs more Indian and Iranian women! (Both light and dark skinned Indian women). But good list nonetheless.

  • Mehmetoglu

    marion cottilard, anna kournikova, heidi klum, ziyi, yendi philips, hurley out

    maria sharapova, doutzen kroes, rosie huntington, adriana lima, carla bruni in

    no1 could be maria sharapova, trust me i couldn’t understand what beauty you see in cottilard for number one. yeah she’s beautiful but not for no1!

  • Peter Boucher

    I think we need to go back to the olden days and women who still maintain their incredible beauty. Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Goldie Hawn (I’d take Goldie over her daughter Kate Hudson anytime). Today’s standards, I would have also included Mila Kunis.

  • blimey

    Just googled “Yendi Phillips” and got my mind blown. The chick is INSANELY hot. Thanks toptenz 😀

    • monique

      so want sdid you think she from JAMAICA

  • bootsguy

    that is why I don’t read this blog because Philippines is not included here…

  • Janna

    Ashwarya (in the past)

    I’m not sure how the rest got there, but thumbs up for picking a more rounded group of women.

    • monique

      so true

  • Dennis

    How could you have left out Lotte Lenya?

  • Kerry McKenzie

    I like the list, it is well rounded.

    I agree with Heidi, Yendi, Monica, Aishwarya, Anna and Liya. The rest could have been left out.ll Perhaps Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry, Adriana Lima may be added. na

  • Nics

    Marion Cotillard No.1??? Erm!???

  • Taieke

    Yendi is just simply amazing:)

  • BobbyONJ

    You’re sure that first pic isn’t a younger Christie Brinkley?

  • Louie! So, what’s it to you.

    Well, I will make one comment, no more, because spam it! Damn it!Okay, oh kay, I have (got) all day, I like to go women watching,that’ s all, it’s part of this scam.

  • Jamie

    i like Anna Kourkiva and Ashwariya Rai the best so i will give these 2 as my top picks..they are just naturally attractive without any flaws..and I just view these two on other sites as well

  • faheem khan

    monica is no.1

    • f.khan

      monica belluci should be in no.1 she deserve it ,i think she is the queen of beauty.

  • f.khan

    monica belluci is not beautiful but a symbol of beautiful things in the world,a everlasting beauty with charming attraction no doubt she is sexiest women in the world. she;s no.1

  • Dude

    Poor choices. Whoever chose them needs to get out more and learn to appreciate woman who don’t have emaciated stick legs.

  • moldovan alexandra

    where is angelina jolie? I think she is really beautiful

  • Louis Alexandre Simard

    Some of the women in this list are pretty (to me being beautiful includes more than just being pretty) but I would date them for they are to thin or to tall. Monica Belluci has always been one of my favorites since the movie Malenna which she did in her 20’s. She us now over forty and still amazingly pretty and the definition of sex appeal. Marillon Cottillard is a natural beauty with grace and intelligence. Now no two men on the planet will ever agree about which women is the prettiest. All women have something that is intangible and desirable to men therefore it is impossible to list them in order. Its like asking a mother which child she loves more.