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  • Jaime F

    Best list ever! Please expand.

  • Clive

    This list has inspired me to start stacking rocks. So thrilling.

    • FMH

      You should travel to Ireland to get cured. In the Burren, they have school children tear down all the stacked rocks tourists build once a year, because they disfigure the landscape.

  • FMH

    What a beautiful collection of human stupidity. Really nice.
    4# is especially good – because even as an atheist, I get sick of the self-righteousness many atheists show. Rubbing everyone’s nose in one’s lack of faith is wrong because it’s exactly the same as rubbing everyone’s nose in one’s faith, a thing every atheist hates.

  • TriviaFan

    Amply proves the old saying, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

    Now that I think about it, practically anyone out there can make some good hard cash if you present even the most dumbest of concepts with a degree of earnestness.

  • DreThaMac

    You sir, are funny.

  • are theists any better?

    #4 is a tad silly while millions of christians meander around with golden crucifixes shining bright for the world to see. Its not so much insecurity in our own faith, or lack there of in this case. It is insecurity with living in a world dominated by adults believing in fairy tales, and invisible, indetectable bearded white men. A unicorn doesnt exist just because I have faith that it does. Silly humans.

  • Nikolampe

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  • Hoinsituhl

    What about Twinsters scam and the Amanda Palmer scam? The criteria here shouldn’t be how stupid the ideas are, but how stupid people are for funding these projects. The list should be the most money raised for the most ridiculous ideas, with special points for self-promtion.