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  • Anonymous

    Perhaps you forgot about Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, both buried at the Taj Mahal.

    • John Johnson

      Excellent observation. Same could be said of many of the pharaohs despite their remains being in various locations. The Valley of the Kings is surely amongst the most visited ‘grave sites’ in history.

  • MSW

    Wasn’t expecting the top 10, however original singer the band Blind Melon (Shannon Hoon) comes to mind. I’ve attended vigils for a few years now and have seen thousands of people gather and next year marks 20 years he’s been gone. Looks like a documentary is being filmed as well next year.

    • John Johnson

      For goodness sake!! I had to google Blind Melon to find out who in the hell Shannon Hoon was! Typical of Yanks I’d say, who think the world revolves round their own narrow,insulated knowledge of virtually anything you can name. Shannon Hoon!!? A singer and musician for a mere 10 years whom the great majority of contemporary music lovers would never have heard of. Just because he died of a drug overdose does NOT make him any more celebrated nor the fact that he was popular in the USA. Get a life!

      • Brendan Dunphy

        John Johnson … Mean people suk. I never heard of the person either, but for crissakes, relax.

  • Sydney Lawrence

    Marilyn was, is and always will be number one. She is the most identified person on Earth and is known and loved in every corner of the World. Fifty years time all the other interlopers will be long forgotten, not Marilyn she is an Immortal and will be remembered forever.

  • MSW

    Thanks for your reply John Johnson. Riveting.

  • Bill

    Michael Jackson was and is a disgrace to humanity. He is a pedophile and a child rapist and molestor and should have been burried in a dumpster full of the same kind of filth he was made of. His hidden room off this bedroom with porn and alcohol where little boys were molested should have been burned to the ground, not enshrined. How can decent people elevate that piece of trash to the level he has been. It disgusts me and every decent person on the planet.

    • Mojo

      I’m with you Bill, How can so many people be so gullible? Do they think that everybody that gets of with a multimillion dollar defence team is really innocent (some of whom got OJ Simpson of, an innocent man if ever i saw one) MJ the self proclaimed king of pop? He loved nothing more than playing with little boys willys.