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  • Jennifer

    These are so mysterious that I have not heard of half of these.

  • Dustin

    This is an awesome list. I'll never forget the first time I stumbled across photos of the Yonaguni Monument and immediately thought of the Old Ones of H.P. Lovecraft fame. The shear scale of that place is so overwhelming.

    I know this is Mysterious Landmarks and not places, but I wanted to add on as a side note the Sumerian city of Ur. It evidently houses graves 1000 years older than the King Tuts and could be the birthplace of Abraham but because it's in Iraq there just aren't enough resources to fully expose the significance of the place. I tend to believe that the global elite don't want any unknown ancient Sumerian texts surfacing without their knowing, ie the Book of the Dead. You know, the one inked in human blood and the pages are made of human flesh.

    Here is a nice article on the attempted excavation of the city.

  • Dave1711

    Surely the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland should have been included in this list

    • klhwalker

      The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland is a geological feature. It is not man-made.

      • Dave1711

        Yes I’m well aware of that. The comment was meant as a joke playing on the legend that it was created by a giant

  • tommy

    dave1711, surely you're kidding. all of these are pretty much man-made, aslong as the water around yonaguni was a lot shallower in the past. giants causeway, volcanic. ie natural. a lot different! and not made by giants, shame…

  • You're going to have pull the #1 entry off the list I'm afraid. The mystery of Stonehenge is now declared solved by a group known as the Michigan DRUIDS who utilized a 1/3rd scale model made from snow to prove their theory.

    Read and judge for yourselves:

    • robbie

      Wow, where did they get a third scale sized sun from?

  • Turk

    Where's Puma Punku? That's the mother of all pre historic mystery.

  • marialisha

    I was very surprised to see this list! I usually dont find this sorta stuff on here! Yeah!!! Its a good one {for me anyway}!! Im also enjoying the comments on this one as well! Im a sucker for ancient cultures and ruins… especially "lost" ones! Question tho….. Wheres Bimini??? Have a good one guys!!!

  • robbie

    Wow, I've been to four of these! You should put the text of the Georgia guide stones here, that'd freak some people out!

    • marialisha

      I researched their text over the web…. I found the message that the stones held to be a step toward the right directions. Keeping the population at a certain point {a mere 10% of our current total population} would solve SO MUCH alone! As I said…I read the message on the stones and would suggest that everyone read it! I feel its message could save the world as well as mankind!

      • Think about it

        So who should be forced to not reproduce? Or worse yet be exterminated. You perhaps?

        • hihowareyou

          we haven't had a good old fashioned epidemic in a while.. I think we're due for one.

  • Greg

    R.C. Christian? Its so obviously a pseudo- or neo- rosicrucian reference.

    • Roman Catholic (R.C.) Christian? I didn't think of that the first time I read this list – interesting…

  • marialisha

    Crazy thing is…… people have been linking the G.stones to the "N.W.O."… I actually dont think thats the case. If they were behind it half of those..umm…suggestions wouldnt be there! As for the whole R.C. thing goes….. I didnt catch that and it is very intreging!!! Perhaps they were behind it all! LoL!

  • island girl

    Nice. The ruins of Nan Madol in Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) should have been included in this list, though. Some believe that Nan Madol was the basis for the ruined city of R'Lyeh in the Cthulhu Mythos.How the megalithic structures was constructed remains a mystery to this day.

  • meiliken

    In reference to the nazca lines, it is presumptious of the auther to say that it is preposterous for it to be made for an andvaced society. Considering it is unknown, saying such points to the auther of not trying to give information, but trying to encourage their own personal opinionated bias. That loses credibility.

    Additionally, with stonehenge, the auther also calls anyone thinking it has something to do with an advanced soceity or other than human sentience, to be wild and crazy. Sorry author, but when you put something online as an informational setting, don't put your own personal biased opinion on it. This is why science will always win out on anything that is based on "belief". Science bases itself off of fact and changes when new facts come. People who base things off of belief base it on personal bias that doesn't change. Cue the relious. Author, try being a little more mature.

    • you have got to be k

      Really? Seriously? Ok, sure it is fine to have your own opinions about how you believe these sites to have been made, but beliefs, though all valid, have some that are much more likely than others. Archaeologists becomes experts on sites because they do extensive work, research and painstaking excavation on these places. By not looking at the most current evidence (which points towards less fantastic and admittedly less cool explanations) you are doing exactly what you chastise the author of this post for. He is just showing what is considered to be the most current and agreed upon explanation by people who are experts, not conspiracy theorists who troll the internet for false information and then decide they too are experts. Science is not a biase because science has no agenda. It is neutral.

      As a Andeanist (historian and archaeologist) I can tell you the reason why the Nasca lines are considered NOT to be made by or for an advanced society is because other geoglyphs like those in America are used for symbolic religious purposes. We have historical (and even current) accounts about how they were used. Now this isn't concrete evidence but it is the BEST answer we have so far. Pre-Inka, Peruvian societies are well known for ingesting hallucinogens and alcohol such as chicha for ritual purposes such as dances and ceremonies. A possible explanation for the lines is that they were walked or danced upon during these types of ceremonies. This is believed because of the clear 'entrance' and 'exit' lines on all of the geoglyphs, the size of them (they are like small highways) and the tread pattern made by prehistoric footprints. Like I said this is not an absolute answer but currently there is some nice evidence for it. Where is the evidence of an advanced society?

      I'm not even going to touch on stonehenge because I could type forever and I'm sure not convince you of anything because you seem to be pretty set in your beliefs. That is perfectly fine and I am in no way suggesting is reflects on you negatively because plenty of people believe similar things about stonehenge (or the pyramids or the rapanui for that matter). I just ask that before you criticize the author you do some of your own research and look at the papers which put forth scientifically based research. If you find that their explanations are not sufficient then by all means make your own theories. Please, just don't listen to any website on the internet that makes fantastic claims without evidence ,not based in opinion or results that have experiments that cannot be verified or replicated. Anyone can post ANYTHING on the internet and put it forth as fact. For example, I am the batman.

      I hope that is a satisfactory response for you.

      • All hail batman! What a great response, thanks!

      • spongenuts

        "As a Andeanist (historian and archaeologist) I can tell you…"

        "Anyone can post ANYTHING on the internet and put it forth as fact. "

        Ahh, well, okay then.

        • you have got to be k


          True. You have no way of proving I am what I say I am but I think my post speaks for itself. Granted, looking back on it I may not have articulated myself as eloquently as I would have liked but certain things just irritate me so I go off on tangents. My point is, I could be lying but I'm not and I think if you need any proof of that my clear understanding of the material is as good as any. I'm doing my masters on pre-inca peruvian pottery right now and doing field work there this summer. You don't have to believe me if you don't want, and frankly I don't care. I was just pissed off enough by someone's comment that I had to post SOMETHING as a response. I'm actually pleased that you don't believe everything posted (often by trolls) on the internet. More power to you. Keep suspending disbelief unless you have proof!

  • Supernaut

    WOOOW, 2 Peru landsmarks, and should post more, we have plenty of those: Chan-Chan, Chavin, Kuelap, The Lima "Rivers" of the Yshma and Lima society, Caral (the oldest city of the New World), Pisac, Pachacamac, etc, etc ,etc. PERU KICK ASS MATE!

    • you have got to be k

      YAH CHAVIN AND CHANCHAN! Peru really does have some of the coolest sites in the world.

  • Supernaut

    WOOOW, 2 Peru landsmarks, and should post more, we have plenty of those: Chan-Chan, Chavin, Caral (the oldest city of the New World), Pisac, the Yshma and Lima “rivers”, The Qapac Ñam (The Inca Trail all over Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and some say Argentina), Huaca del Sol y la Luna, Kuelap, Pachacamac, etc, etc ,etc. PERU HAS IT ALL, HELL YEAH!

  • Kyra

    Awesome list! The Yonaguni Monument is really cool looking, I wonder how it got there? So interesting..

    I’ve been to Sacsayhuaman, it’s a really cool place. Honestly, though, it’s not as awesome as the city it overlooks. =D

  • I heart this shiz.

  • spongenuts


  • Phil E. Drifter

    Nice list.

    However, "The Neolithic people who built the monument left behind no written records" under Stonehenge is misleading and assumptive. You have no idea if any written instructions (hieroglyphics, anyone?) may have been left and summarily looted.

  • truckzcar

    Its awesome… I would like to visit them…

  • Paul Borg

    The Neolithic Temples in Malta!!!

  • Sandman

    How come no one is interested in the fact that ALL societies were building monuments of great astronomic relevans, and ALL of them were pointing the same things, and still standing. On top of that they were ALL interested in solstices, and not just the “solar cult” of Europe, but world wide societies that had no connection between them and lived in different times. And we talk of them as primitive???

    Many more similar facts are published by experts, but no one explains the similarity in global…

    I was shoked when I read how little difference there is between Egipt and S. America piramids!

    May I recommend the documentary Ancient Aliens, based on the book 'Chariots of the Gods' by Erich von Daniken, it rocked my mind!

    And for those interested in the “solar cult” and global conspiracy- Zeitgeist is the place for you :))

    I do belive that everyone has right to it's own mind, and the more we know – more options we have to belive in.

  • elvis

    i dont think stone henge should be at 1 but its nice though

  • very interesting article there.s more unexplained things, thanks

  • Nazca Lines

    There are a lot of theories abound regarding Nazca Lines ranging from landing strips for aliens to a giant seismograph. The most probable theory is from Maria Reiche, a German researcher who dedicated her life to studying the lines. Ms Reiche believed that the lines were part of a vast astronomic calendar whose figures marked different solar phases. If you want to know more about it and information to visit this mysterious place, visit the link below.

  • jorel32

    Well… for sure would be wise and respectful to ancient Greek history to put the “Akropolis monument!” in Athens, Hellas a nation that gave the “lights” to all and finally now got blind!
    2012 perhaps the end of a nation.