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  1. John Hermans
    John Hermans at |

    The leaves and stems of tomatoes? I have never seen a recipe including either

  2. anne
    anne at |

    Why do you always wait to mention that cherries pits are poisonous? How dare you say that? Why don’t you include in the list of food that fried food like in oil are toxic, and all forms of sugar? Get real and stop trying to scare us with your nonsense? Cherries are delicious and we have to get at the pit in order to consume the outer fruit of the cherry. So please don’t try to scare us and instead try to use some common sense!

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Good points to consider, Anne. We aren’t trying to scare anyone. Even our title mentions the word love. 😉

  3. Aran Pandora
    Aran Pandora at |

    Cassava, puffer fish, mushrooms, cashews, chillies ~ normal food for my tribe. I grew up in Borneo. I never knew they were poisonous.

  4. Justin
    Justin at |

    It’s too bad almonds are poisonous, for they are my dad’s favorite food.


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