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  • John

    Everybody needs a certain amount of cyanide in their diet in order to remain healthy. True, that too much is obviously not a good thing, but a small amount now and then (from chewing on the seeds of fruits that contain cyanide) is great for one's health. Cyanide can get into cancer cells (which we all have in our bodies) and destroy them outright. Our ancestors would have eaten the seeds from fruits – because they are extremely nutritious, however, nowadays most of the fruits and vegetables we buy are hybrids and some of them are bred to be seedless, in other words they are sterile foods.

    Chillies contain an oil called capsaicin which is a fairly innocuous compound and they won't kill you. I've never heard of capsaicin being used in paint stripper, personally I can't see how this is possible. The oil binds to the same nerves that send a signal to the brain when somebody eats something hot (these are not only present in the mouth but in and on other sensitive areas of the body) – which in turn causes the body to release endorphins (the body's own pain killer), and hence the fact people get 'addicted' to eating hot peppers. Some peppers contain more of this oil that others and the level of capsaicin in each pepper is measured in scoville units. Other than that chillies are an innocuous fruit and won't do any harm.

    If capsaicin was hot enough to strip paint then wouldn't people experience something similar to that of drinking pipe cleaner after eating them? In the sense that they only tend to burn in the mouth and then we don't experience any more burning until we urinate (sometimes the urine can burn if you eat a super hot pepper) or for a faeces (sometimes you will experience a slight burning sensation just before going if you have eaten hot peppers the night before et cetera). There is this misconception that because chillies burn the mouth that they are obviously causing serious problems elsewhere in the body, but it's not true at all. Did you know that birds don't experience any burning at all when they eat chillies?

    • Teresa

      I learned while working at a zoo, that it is not a good and safe practice to chew on cyanide containing fruit seeds because our bodies do not ever get rid of cyanide. It continues to accumulate in your body for your entire life. If you were to chew on seeds once in a while for your whole life, you would eventually accumulate enough of the toxin to make yourself quite sick. This point was made over and over to us because animals are even more sucepptible to the toxin than humans, and we had to be extremely careful whIle preparing their meals.

  • Sam

    Nonsense!!! I grew up eating lots and lots of almond right off the tree (and even unriped almonds that has soft green shells) and never ever was “poisoned” or heard anyone else in my country got poisoned as a result of eating “unheated” almond!!! Millions of people in central/Western Asia have the same experience as almond trees are everywhere!

  • Johhny

    How funny, the mushrooms they decided to show in the picture of ARE edible and QUITE efficacious!

  • adegbite funke

    Am dam too confused with the presentation and with so much Yes and No from people’s comment.

  • Manny

    Such a bad, sensationalistic piece of pseudo-journalism. It’s like saying “Fish is bad for you, especially if you swallow the bones”. All the food listed by the person who wrote this piece indeed contain poisons, but generations of humankind, through trial and error, have determined what can and cannot be consumed safely. Otherwise, nobody would be eating eggplants and tomatoes now because they belong to the nightshade family, of which some members are indeed deadly. Stop putting forward these scare articles about perfectly good and healthy food!

  • Justin

    It’s too bad almonds are poisonous, for they are my dad’s favorite food.

  • Aran Pandora

    Cassava, puffer fish, mushrooms, cashews, chillies ~ normal food for my tribe. I grew up in Borneo. I never knew they were poisonous.

  • anne

    Why do you always wait to mention that cherries pits are poisonous? How dare you say that? Why don’t you include in the list of food that fried food like in oil are toxic, and all forms of sugar? Get real and stop trying to scare us with your nonsense? Cherries are delicious and we have to get at the pit in order to consume the outer fruit of the cherry. So please don’t try to scare us and instead try to use some common sense!

    • Shell Harris

      Good points to consider, Anne. We aren’t trying to scare anyone. Even our title mentions the word love. 😉