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  1. Heather Matthews
    Heather Matthews at |

    This list was great – lots of fun to read!

  2. k421yn
    k421yn at |

    Love Land is in Jeju, South Korea

  3. John McDonnell
    John McDonnell at |

    Great list. I can't decide which park I'd like to visit more — Love Land or Bon Bon Land. It just proves that there's an endless supply of ideas for theme parks.

  4. marialisha
    marialisha at |

    Cool list! Id visit “love land”! I think if the chiniese government closed the idea down that perhaps it could be an idea on the table as one of those “couples only” island resorts! “Digger land” and the poopland place sound like every little boys dream! My daughter is 7 ( a tomboy) and likes the poop place!

  5. Kennypo65
    Kennypo65 at |

    That alien abduction experience does'nt include an anal probe right?

  6. TGB
    TGB at |

    The Chinese have a Disneyland knock-off. Big surprise. I actually thought there were some things they wouldn't, or couldn't knock-off, and then I found out about Great Wall Motors. Nothing but knock-offs of other makers' vehicles: Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Fiat… What a country. Not an original idea in 50 years (except for that tank thing).

  7. Ken
    Ken at |

    Funny stuff! Hope I can visit the Disneyland (China Version)

  8. pjon
    pjon at |

    This park is in Jeju, South Korea and it's STILL THERE!

  9. pjon
    pjon at |

    Why would the Chinese government have any say about a park in SOUTH Korea? It was built on this island because that's where many Koreans go for their honeymoon. And due to the nature of honeymoon activities, this park is intended to be educational in the adult sphere of things.

    Get your facts straight!

  10. Jamescox
    Jamescox at |

    Bonbon land is actually about the candy that the bonbon brand makes.

  11. Priscilla
    Priscilla at |

    I’m surprised Disney isn’t suing the rip-off park. My favorites on the list are the chocolate park (I LOVE chocolate) and the Haw Par Villa. I love learning about East Asian culture, and I love folklore. I also happen to not mind blood and gore (Sweeney Todd being one of my all-time favorite movies). I am actually considering going to that park.

    1. A BiPolar Guy
      A BiPolar Guy at |

      t may be this park is just enough different that they have no basis to sue. Also copyright laws differ from country to country and that may be a factor.
      On the other hand the government of China may simply not care. China is a huge source of counterfeit goods sold around the world. In China itself enterprising counterfeiters have actually made counterfeit Apple Stores. Counterfeiting an entire retail store may be a first.

    2. astrid
      astrid at |

      I’ve actually visited the Haw Par Villa. It’s not that weird at all, especially if you like history (East Asian in particular).

    3. Sandy
      Sandy at |

      Disney DID sue them! LOL!


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