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  • caveman73

    What about The Jewish Zombie…Jesus. The only human to come back from the dead that didn’t scare the poop out of everyone.

    • Tom

      Don’t forget Lazarus. :)

  • The Blackbird
    • Tanya Bennett

      I love the Star Trek zombies! Thanks for sharing –

  • Gordon

    Has anyone heard the Zombie Christmas Record? I was thinking about buying it, but wanted to know if it was any good…

  • don of the dead

    I’m honored my zombie Santa made #1. I scared a lot of children at the Minneapolis zombie pub crawl that year with the above costume.

    • Tanya Bennett

      Congratulations Don of the Dead – you earned it :), and thanks for stopping by. Braaaaaaaaaaains Braaaaaaaaaaains

  • Cat

    Hi there, cool zombie pics. Thanks

  • Bill


    THE absolute nr1 is the executioner/axeman from resident evil!