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We all love history and here are a host of history lists to prove it. Get your history knowledge in the form of top 10 lists, it is easier on the stomach.

Just because the people in charge decide a war is over, doesn’t mean every soldier knows about it. Many wars have experienced a number of bloody, violent, and fatal battles fought days, weeks, or even months after the war officially ended. This is yet one more reason that war is bad; because stupid carp like this happens far too often.

We’re all familiar with Jesus, Gandhi, and many other famous martyrs throughout history, but what of the ones who get less attention? They were just as dedicated and willing to die for their cause as any of the others, and they deserve a proper tribute as well. It is our goal now to give them one.

If you’re starting up a group, don’t fret if you find your planned symbol was already used by somebody else. You’re still free to use it; you’ll just have to tweak it slightly, so it adapts a whole new meaning that’s in tune with your group and its message.

The idea of zombies, a creature that once died but is now alive again, but this time brainless and murderous, is a timeless premise. As such, it’s not just in video games and movies where you see them. They’ve been seen throughout history in various forms, sometimes in real life (allegedly.)

We all remember JFK’s “Ask Not” speech, and Chuchill’s “We Shall Never Surrender” speech. But many other powerful speeches are often overlooked, probably because they were never given. They only exist on paper and in an alternate universe where circumstances allowed their author to get in front of a microphone and talk.

Far form just being a bunch of rocks, ancient Stone Age sites are filled with beauty and wonder. How did our ancestors, armed with nothing but basic tools and their hands, create such wonders? We may never know for sure, but we can at least gawk at the results of their handiwork.

Ancient Celtic culture has produced some of the greatest, most beautiful artifacts in human history. The fact that they still survive to this day is proof of their durability and of he expert craftsmanship that went into making them. here are ten of the most awesome.