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  • #4 looks like something from the Muppet Show!

    • CH Nikole

      Ok, since we're talking numbers, then # 10 is my favorite. That thing looks out-of-this world! It would have been #1 in my book.

      • dude for me its the huge bird for meee :))))

        • avi

          If you’re talking about Quetzalcoatlus, then it’s not a bird, it’s a pterosaur.

  • Sam

    Oh yeah what the hell is this where the bloody hell is Therizinosaurus. Just you wait until he hears about this. I dont envy your collective faces.

  • My favorite is Quetzalcoatlus. Imagine having that thing swooping down on you from the sky.

  • Nestor

    I simply can't imagine what use that set of teeth was for Helicoprion

    • I agree. What kind of animal could you eat with that set of teeth? It almost seems like one of those fantastic animals they wrote about in the middle ages that people thought existed, like a unicorn. Are they sure this animal really existed?

  • Allaiyah

    Opabinia & Jaekelopterus look like gigantic sushi toppings.


    Quetzalcoatlus looks like a bird with a cape & a French berret.

    Dimorphodon = The Devil's Parrot.

    • Iris

      LOL 😛

  • Alex

    This would be such an amazing article, if only the author knew that archaeologists have nothing to do with ancient creatures such as these.

  • Breno

    "400 billion year old sharks" Damn, they are older than Earth itself…

    • avi

      Older than the universe, even….

  • Dude

    Cool. If those animals shoot fireballs, it would be extremely awesome.

  • Crystal

    the Helicoprion is the reason I refuse to swim in the ocean.

  • ToughGuysDontDance

    Wow that Quetzalcoatlus, imagine having a bird the size of a girrafe flying about. Pretty amazing

    • avi

      Not a bird, a pterosaur. They’re reptiles people! Scaly, cold-blooded reptiles!

  • Abby

    The picture you have labeled as “Quetzalcoatlus” is a picture of Lacusovagus.

  • That s**t is crazy

  • Kiba

    Damn…how would you like see a Quetzalcoatlus flying around O.o
    Actually..come to think of it…they seem like they are even creepier when they walk D:

  • Sonia

    Archaeologists do not study prehistoric animals. PALEONTOLOGISTS do. This mistake occurs several times in this article.

    • Iris

      you’re right…

  • kyle

    titanoboa. ‘nough said.

  • Reynaldo Hewitt

    Some of these prehistoric creatuures, I have not yet seen and I can tell you that I know alot about prehistoric creatures including dinosaurs and reptiles.

  • Iris

    these are some great prehistoric animals
    i have to do a project on one and I want mine to be very unique
    but i can’t choose any of them
    help me please ASAP!!

  • destinyann

    what animal should i do for a prehistoric animal project for science

  • Grace

    Very interesting read. Thank you!

  • Robert

    Bad English, poorly misinterpreted information, and simply false statements about the animals listed here make this piece simply a bunch of unreliable words stinging pretty pictures together.

  • Highlandare

    “It can be said that the creature is related to birds of all types due to it having wings.” – what an idiotic statement!!

  • Arielle


    My Dad found a fossil that appears to be a foot. It looks as if it had 3 toes and claws which seemed to be quite large in size. I believe it may be a prehistoric sloth but the size wouldnt make much sence seeing as the sloth was quite large, and this fossile is a little smaller than my foot and I wear a 6 1/2 – 7. I belive it is the whole foot it has a bone on the end where it was attached to another bone so it could bend. It is black and shiney in color, it has a tanish brown color on the bottom with grooves. I would like to possibly get some info on what I have. I am 22 & have always been intrigued with animals and dinos, and am extremely excited about the.find.