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  • Sofia

    That is….um……………….most of these aren't even useful at all lol

  • andy

    hahaha yah agree most arn't useful…. I tried out because it sounded interesting but get this…… wound – 83% positive, wart 82% positive, suffocation 50% positive, bleeding is 90% positive, you get the point. although those are all physical harm related i now realize, so lets try….malfunction 95.7% positive…selfish is 65% positive, anyway just realizing and showing that that function is completely innacurate to whatever the hell it is trying to do, or maybe it is accurate revealing how f%*#$d up the internet or humanity is…..

  • andy

    oh yah, just did 1 more, catastrophe is 96% positive, anyway the one cool thing about that is the twitter post example that uses your word, or can i just search random words on twitter and get that result?

  • Max

    Google should top the list

  • Becky

    I went to

    Apparently, the internet is 86.1% positive about murder, 87% positive about pain and 82.4% positive about sadness.


    • egrg

      People also seem to LOVE Hitler and Mussolini

    • Jeremy

      According to results, the internet is negative about bronies, but positive about brony? Perhaps it doesn’t like us in groups? It’s overwhelming positive (99.7%) about the show itself.

    • Landini

      The internet is 97% negative about negativity. Who knew?

  • Alan

    Utterly utterly pointless. I love it.

  • Evan

    Here is a great list of 50 free and useful websites that was published on Business Insider today:

  • As I write this is down, oh the irony.

  • Richard

    Yes run pee in only useful for 1 minute but one of the most useful amazing sites ever!!!