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  1. marc
    marc at |

    this list should be titled Top 10 Reasons To Own Guns.

    and mice carry and spread parasites and disease. They spread the Hanta Virus and have ticks which carry Lyme disease.


  2. Rhodora Dagatan
    Rhodora Dagatan at |

    I am scared of rats, and I agree they are not only dangerous, they are extremely shocking.

  3. Mick
    Mick at |

    As a paramedic I was never attacked by anybody’s cat upon entering their houe. Dogs are another matter.

  4. brian
    brian at |

    Chickens are useless? They are animals like any other animal. It wasnt brought into the world to be your slave. Your attitude towards animals is digusting. It is people like you who make me somewhat understand serial killers

    1. Dave Smiling Coyote
      Dave Smiling Coyote at |

      Hey Brian, Mr. Smallwood was joking. I’m not sure if you understand the concept of humor, so save your crazy talk for your PETA meetings, okay?

    2. Rosalie
      Rosalie at |

      I am a serious animal lover but I do believe that this entire thing was written as a joke, interspersed with some factual points. I found the whole thing hilarious. I mean to say , I don’t for one moment believe that cats hate us – quite the opposite. However, roosters are excellent at protecting their hens and are very good guard animals (along with geese), swans also are dangerous although very beautiful, as are most of the others. the ones like guinea pigs were just thrown in to show he wasn’t entirely serious. All in all it made for a good laugh. And in my opinion , any cretin who chooses to use his animals or roosters to fight deserves to lose his own life because that’s just NASTY.

  5. Jamie Acree
    Jamie Acree at |

    I guess ” The Itchy and Scratchy Show” is pretty accurate in the real world.

  6. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    I have to admit, that chicken picture can give me night terrors. And I LOVE chicken!!!!

  7. Grace
    Grace at |

    So funny, make more lists!

  8. Nanny
    Nanny at |

    A murder son, a group of crows is called a murder.

  9. Aouzy
    Aouzy at |

    I do remember reading somewhere that crows can remember a human face. I’ll let that sink in.

  10. chris
    chris at |

    Pigeons are rats with wings. Pelicans aren’t dangerous. That pelican was doing us a favor and eliminating diseased flying vermin from the park. This list is way off.


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