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There’s at least a 99% chance that the music you love would not exist without the blues. It’s the foundation of just about every bit of popular song released in the past 100 years. Here, we pay tribute to ten of the best, the ones who should be personally thanked by every artist around today.

When left to the unimaginative mind, remixes are little more than someone else’s song with an added drum beat. The truly creative types can take two different, often entirely unrelated, pieces of music and merge them into solid gold. Usually, the combination has no reason to succeed, and yet they often totally do.

When you think of ’80s movies, what comes to mind (besides clashing colors and a complete lack of self-awareness as to how silly everyone looked)? Montages, that’s what! Any ’80s film worth its hoop earrings had at least one scene where months of activity was condensed into a nifty four-minute musical package. Here are 10 of the most memorable.