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  • guestimations

    Bonus mention-lists talking about lists, especially lists that shouldnt be made anymore

  • tommywri

    was anything interesting about this list?

  • Sam

    what’s happening to this site? The recent lists have been very dull. Nothing as dull as this mind.

    • This idea for a list was mine, based on the fact I am tired of reading so many lists that have been done to death – some even by

      Sam, what lists would interest you? Topics? Subjects? People? Ideas? We are always looking fun and interesting lists ideas. Usually the authors choose what they want to write about but we do take suggestions.

      To all: Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments or send me an email to admin @ Usually the weirder, the better.

  • brian

    anything to do with the oscars…that has been done to death by this site.

  • Lilkty

    Actually the “top shows” applies to a lot more things, not just shows; movies, songs, video games etc.

  • ParusMajor

    Although I agree about the basic premise of this list, i.e. don’t write about something that everybody and his cousin’s hamster already have, as a horror fan and a film buff in generaI I must comment on #4.

    Don’t you have any knowledge about the history of the cinematic arts? “Scary movies” are as old an art (yes, art) form as any other kinds of films. You seem to only know the silliest American franchise-based ones. Have you ever heard of, let alone seen, e.g. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (1919), “The Student of Prague” (1926), “The Man Who Laughs” (1928) or “Nosferatu” (1921)? How about Japanese films, like “Onibaba” (1964) or “Kwaidan” (1964)? Or European ones, like “Suspiria” (1977)? How do those films fit your Xerox copy theory?

    • How about this, ParusMajor. Write the list for us, “Top 10 Scary Movies You Must See” or something like that and educate us all. We pay for well-written lists. Send to if you are interested.

  • Buckaroo

    So you start out by saying that people shouldn’t make lists of this or that and proceed to give us a list of who you think were the best presidents.

    • Where do you see that list?

      • Norcross

        In the article: “the four guys on Mount Rushmore, plus FDR, are our greatest Presidents. Boom, done. JFK might get an honorable mention”

        Since obviously noone would even think of adding a president like, say, Reagan to a list of great presidents…

  • Thatguy

    Whether this was warranted in the first place was questionable, and the execution did a terrible job of proving it was. Most of it was based around either that he “knows” what you’re going to add or that his opinion on what the list should be is the only one that matters. And the knowledge of film displayed is crap. He knows almost nothing about horror films, only describing the slasher films with novelty vilalins, and, really, the star wars sequels are the worst, no wait, the only sequels bad enough to mention? Wow, I knew the star wars fans got fanwanky about those movies, but even if everbody on the planet was just as mad over them (which they’re not), they wouldn’t be the worst sequels ever. Batman and Robin, Jaws: The Revenge, and Troll 2 are just a few of the titles that DO stand out in the public memory and, well, actually belong on such a list.

  • GilmourW

    The author of this article seems to believe that certain bands/songs/guitar solos end up in so many Top 10 Lists because they are played on the radio “ad nauseum”. Has it occurred to the author that these bands/songs/solos are played so often because they are the best?

  • Stephanie

    I would LOVE to see a list of Drunken German Oom-pa-pa bands.