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  1. diana_SD
    diana_SD at |

    There are tons of weird movies and movies with interesting plot twists, but I love those that make you ponder about the nature of reality or of being human. “After the Dark” is a movie set in an Indonesian Philosophy classroom on the last day of senior year as the instructor sets the students on their last thought experiment. In an apocalyptic setting where only 10 people can survive the year in a sealed bunker, how to you choose who gets a ticket. The story moves in an out of an enactment of the scenario and makes the students –and teacher– reconsider just what it is that makes us human. Beautiful cinematography. As engaging as Jerome Bixby’s The Man from Earth.

  2. Rosie
    Rosie at |

    Is there any reason that the wall has not been mentioned as one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen?

  3. Xinijistixx
    Xinijistixx at |

    Really great list. watched most of the films already but quite excited for seconds and clockwork orange!!
    I thino Dinnie Darko should definitely be in there and also The Fountain.
    My favourite movie of all time which I didn’t see in any of he comments is Mr. Nobody with Jared Leto. if you want a movie that will change your perspective of life and how you make choices in your every day life you can’t go wrong with Mr. Nobody. It really is the best movie I have seen in my life.
    Also I assume this list is pretty old but the new Christopher Nolan movie interstellar is amazing.
    why didn’t I see any mention of Cloud Atlas??

  4. sammy preston
    sammy preston at |

    The films in the list are truly thought provoking. Great selection and effort in this article.

  5. Mindhunter
    Mindhunter at |

    This list will remain incomplete unless it includes “The Shutter Island” and “Inception”. These are the finest mind bending movies I have seen so far.

  6. gg
    gg at |

    Awesome list.
    I’d definitely swap ‘The Man From Earth’, in my view a very boring and unimaginative movie (especially given it’s promising concept), and instead put either ‘abre los ojos’ or ‘the usual supsects’ on the list.
    Donnie Darko deserves an honorable mention, but never made perfect sense to me. I strongly feel there were gaping plot holes. Also, I think Fight Club should be number 1.

  7. Matt
    Matt at |

    Acid House
    Bad Boy Bubby

  8. James
    James at |

    I saw primer as an intriguing insight into the nature of time, determinism and wealth… It provoked discussion and debate, but about its themes, rather than the film itself. This is where I think it fails. It’s a film which tackles interesting topics, but the film itself isn’t very interesting or well made.

  9. Nudgie
    Nudgie at |

    Great post and I love the follow-up. I think the films and the fans’ responses are proof that everyone has an opinion that is allowed to be expressed – UNLESS you are a few of the films we;re talking about!

    Fascinating – keep the comments coming AND DO include “Donnie Darko.” It will fit in any slot from #10 to #1.

    P.S. What – no love for “The Human Centipede?”


  10. Pete
    Pete at |

    I’ve seen most of the movies here. I always wanted to see A Clockwork Orange since I was about ten and saw the iconic Poster in a TV guide advertising it being released after being banned for 18yrs. I the saw the VHS in the store and the picture of Alex strapped in the straight jacket with his hair pulled back and eye lids pried open had me transfixed. I had to see this movie!! Finally at 18 I got to see it but was disappointed -it wasn’t anywhere near as trippy or twisted or shocking as I expected. Videodrome probably came closer to what I expected but even then not close enough. But still Clockwork Orange is still one of my favourite movies of all time. A brilliant film who Tarantino owes a lot of his tricks too.

  11. paddy
    paddy at |

    1. skeleton key
    2. triangle
    3. orphan
    4.ticking clock
    5.source code
    6.jacobs ladder

  12. where to watch free movies online
    where to watch free movies online at |

    dont agree with all of them.

    The Fight Club
    The Matrix
    2001 space odyssey
    The Prestige
    Eternal Sunshine

    these definitely deserve to be there.

    Should make a top 20 list cause theres tons of other great ones.

    1. Emmilou
      Emmilou at |

      Yeah 10 is definitely not enough. Just reading through the comments I have at least another 20 on top of what’s already on the list

  13. jesus krishna
    jesus krishna at |

    must watch list from a stoned canadian
    1 enter the void
    2 2001
    3 The fall
    4 city of god
    5 donnie darko
    6 renegade a.k.a. blueberry
    7 tree of life
    8 the man from earth
    9 solaris Andrey Tarkovsky’s original, not the clooney one
    10 12 monkeys
    11 zeitgeist (if documentaries count)
    12 the thing 1982
    13 barton fink
    14 videodrome
    15 naked lunch
    16 eraser head
    17 slacker
    18 dark city
    19 altered states
    20 jacobs ladder
    21 a clockwork orange
    i could keep going on but it would take forever to think of all the amazing movies i’ve seen.

    1. me_and_some_420
      me_and_some_420 at |

      22 stalker
      23 blade runner
      24 valhalla rising

    2. Pedro Urrutia
      Pedro Urrutia at |

      25 El Topo
      26 The Holy Mountain
      27 Santa Sangre

  14. david
    david at |

    without inception no list though i have to say i havent seen any movie other than prestige and matrix from the list and they both were mind blowing so i suppose rest of the movies woulb be mind blowig. and can anyone tell me from where i could download 2001,clock work orange and prime in 3gp format? that would be a great favour


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